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KNEC Registration 2022, Student Portal Login, Result Slip

Complete the KNEC Registration process to unlock multiple student online facilities. KNEC Student portal offers various facilities. If you are registered, login to your account using your username and password. You can even download the Result slip in a few seconds. This article is dedicated to explaining the process to you.

The KNEC portal allows school administrators to register their pupils and students online without having to visit KNEC headquarters. Thus, reducing paperwork. Apart from the student’s registration, the portal also offers:

  • Confirmation of the candidate’s registration
  • Performance analysis
  • Qualifying test registration
  • Online results
  • Projects
  • Performance Analysis
  • Supervision (KCSE and KCPE)

Note: To access the KNEC portal, you have to be a school administrator.

This article will show you how to register students, login, and access result slips at the KNEC portal. Let’s get started.

KNEC Portal Registration

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To register students at the KNEC portal, you’ll have to be authorized by the principal or the school administrator. If you are ready, follow the procedure below:

  • Launch your browser.
  • Open the KNEC portal.
  • Click on the first option, which is “Candidates Registration”. (On the left is KCPE and on the right side is KCSE).
  • Log in using the KNEC portal username and password (school principal should provide)
  • Download the application form (this is for the candidates’ registration)
  • Fill in the candidate’s information (this allows you to create the registration file)
  • Once done
  • Upload the registration file.
  • Enter the new candidate.
  • Edit existing candidates
  • Edit school details.
  • Generate and print the nominal roll
  • Generate and thereafter print the school invoice.

KNEC Student Portal – Login Username & Password

  • Ensure you have the username and password.
  • The username is the school code (an 8-digit number).
  • Send a message with the exam level and centre code to 22262 (e.g. KCPE#00000001).
  • A password will be sent to you shortly (an 8-digit number).
  • After successfully logging in, change your password.
  • The new password has to be strong because the portal handles sensitive student data, which when tampered may cause catastrophic effects.

How to Download Candidates’ Result Slips

  • Open the KNEC portal.
  • Locate the “On-Line result slip” tab and click on it.
  • The result slip portal will open.
  • Enter the school username and password.
  • Click on “Log in”
  • Enter the candidate’s index number from the first candidate on the “From Index” box and the last candidate’s index number on the “To Index Number” Box.
  • Click on “View Report” to see
  • Export the candidate results in either PDF or WORD format.
  • Print the result slips, stamp them and hand them over to the candidates who have cleared.

A Guide for Capturing Student’s Passport Photos

When capturing the student passport photos, ensure you have a good camera (20-megapixel cameras will be ideal). Follow the procedure below to upload the standard passport photos required by KNEC.

  • The passport photo must be coloured and official (use a digital camera as stated)
  • The background for the passports can be taken on a cream or grey background (plain backgrounds only, other background colours not stated will be rejected).
  • The passport photo captured should have a dimension of 45 mm high x 35 mm wide.
  • The candidates should not wear any sunglasses or caps. The face should be clearly visible with the eyes open. (Take your time when handling students with photophobia or turn the camera light off.)
  • Ensure there is adequate lighting and shadows are not visible
  • Ensure the student is in a neutral position (either sitting or standing) with a straight face looking directly at the camera.
  • Take a single passport photo for every student. Only the student should be visible in the photo alone.
  • The passport photo must include the student’s face, neck, and shoulders with the official school uniform.
  • It is recommended that you upload the photo on the same day because only your current passport is required.
  • When uploading the passport photos, make sure they are in jpeg format and saved with the candidate’s index number (e.g., 11223344556). It must be 11 digits. Don’t save the passport photos with the student’s name (e.g., Kevin).
  • Note that it`s a requirement for every school to submit the passport photos in JPEG format soft copy to KNEC offices.

How to Upload the Passport Size Photos in the KNEC Portal

This is the most sensitive part of the whole registration because photos are always larger than documents and take time to upload. Make sure you have the following before you begin the upload process.

  • Stable internet (if the school’s internet is not fast, visit the nearest cyber cafe)
  • A good performing desktop or laptop (Core i5 will do the job without hanging)
  • Uninterrupted time

When you have the above items, it’s time to begin the procedure.

  • Connect your camera or memory card to your laptop or desktop.
  • Transfer all the candidates’ photos into your computer hard disk
  • Edit the passports by cropping and renaming them according to the candidate’s index number.
  • Counter-check to confirm that every detail has been captured.
  • Create a new folder
  • Copy the student’s passport-size photos to the newly created folder.
  • You can zip/compress the folder (feel free to use your favourite option to compress the passports).
    1. Right-click on the folder with the passports
    2. Select “Send to”
    3. Click on the zipped folder
  • Log on back to the KNEC portal.
  • Enter the school’s username and password.
  • Locate “tasks”
  • Press on “Upload candidate photos”
  • Click continue
  • Locate the compressed folder.
  • Click on the ‘upload’ button to upload the candidate’s passport photos.
  • Enter your username and password.
  • If you’re successful in uploading the folder, you will receive a notification about the application.

You should be very careful while undertaking this procedure, and always ask a fellow teacher to counter-check to avoid unnecessary errors.

How to Confirm Candidate’s Registration

Once you receive a notification that the candidate’s details have been uploaded successfully, it’s always good to confirm if the details are available or if any mistake was made. You know, to err is human.

Follow the procedure below to confirm the candidate’s registration

  • Open the KNEC “Confirm Registration” Portal.
  • Log in using the username and password.
  • Go through the details to confirm
  • When you`re satisfied that the details are okay, you’re free to log out.

KNEC’s Official Contacts

If you are facing any challenges while trying to register candidates. Don’t hesitate to contact KNEC through the following numbers:

Head Office

National Housing Corporation (NHC) House, Aga Khan Walk

+254 020 3317412/3317413/3317419/3317427/3341027 3341050/3341071/3341098/3341113/2213381


South C Offices

New Mitihani House

Foreign Section-0202143412

KCSE Section-0771813972

KCPE Section-0772069891

PTE Section-0772069882

Technical Section-0771813866/0771814259 Business Section-0771814060/0771814105 Archives-0732333566/0720741004

Industrial Area Offices

Ministry of Public Works, Supplies Branch, Likoni Road.

+254-020 6650820

Mobile Number


Mitihani House

Dennis Pritt Road, Kilimani.



How to Change the Password in the KNEC Student Portal?

After receiving the 8-digit password from KNEC, enter it in the password section. Click on “Create a new password” (use a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters for a strong password) Enter the new password again to confirm the authenticity. Press on “Change password” and continue.

Is it possible to download KNEC Result slip online?

Yes, students may log in to their accounts and download the result slip.

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