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KUCCPS Student Portal , Login Now for Placement Options

The KUCCPS is a centralized selection process that assists in attracting the best candidates. It is a process that allows students to apply for admission at different universities across the country. Thanks for kuccps student portal, after a simple login process, students can access all the resources related to their admission.

The KUCCPS was established to provide uniformity in the recruitment process of faculty positions in universities and colleges across the country. This ensures that there is no bias towards any particular university or college and that all applicants are considered equally. The KUCCPS has helped attract more applicants than ever before, thereby increasing student enrollments at various universities and colleges across Kenya.

Read on to understand more about the KUCCPS students portal.

Functions of KUCCPS

Below are some functions of KUCCPS

Information about Different Courses

The Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service has information about different courses, including the required grades for admission to different courses. This allows you to research which course will suit your needs and interests. You can also use this information to compare different courses and see which one is best suited for you.

Comparing Different Courses

The best thing about the KUCCPS is that you get to compare different courses that are offered by different universities and colleges in the country. This will help you determine which ones are best suited for your requirements so that you can make the right choice when applying for a course.

The student portal is among the most important services provided by KUCCPS. Let’s know more about it.

KUCCPS Students Portal

The Students Portal is a new initiative of KUCCPS that enables students to get informed about the various courses offered at the university, as well as their academic records, results, and other information. 

student portal kenya

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How to Login on KUCCPS Students Portal

Steps required:

  • Visit students.kuccps.net/login.
kuccps student portal
  • Make your username your KCSE number.
  • Enter the year of your KCSE.
  • Use your birth cert number or KCPE index number as your password.
  • Submit

Visit KUCCPS Website for All your Students Placement Needs!

KUCCPS has been and continues to be a blessing to students. As the service grows to serve more people, it is our hope that more Kenyans will be able to enjoy its benefits. KUCCPS lets you search for appropriate courses offered by Kenyan Universities and Colleges across Kenya. 

Its advanced technology lets you look up courses by institution, courses by course code, university name or specific course number.


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Other Relevant topics for Students

KUCCPS Website Related FAQs

Where can I obtain a list of the institutions that the government sponsors?

The list can be seen on the Student’s Portal, which can be accessed via the Placement Service website.

Can non-Kenyans apply?

To qualify for placement, one must be a citizen of Kenya. Government sponsorship is only allowed for nationals, according to policy.

What does “revision of choices” mean?

Changes to the courses that a candidate submits for consideration are referred to as revisions of choices. KCSE When Candidates apply for courses at the institution, they have the opportunity to match their decisions with their performance and new career interests once their results are released. Students who missed the deadline to apply for schools may do so during this period.

How many courses is one supposed to apply?

For degree programs, a student may apply to a maximum of six options and four options for the certificate, diploma, and artisan programs.

What distinguishes cut-off points from weighted cluster points?

Weighted cluster points compare a KCSE exam graduate’s computed performance in the four subjects needed for admission to a specific degree program to that of the top applicants during that specific KCSE examination year. It is determined by the prerequisites for the cluster subjects and a candidate’s overall performance. To decrease the likelihood of applicants tying on points, the points are computed to three decimal places.

Cut-off points are the weighted cluster points of the final student who was successfully placed in a certain degree program.

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