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All About I&M Internet Banking, iclick Register & Login

Here we explain I&M Bank Digital Banking Services – Know how to register, Login & Use

Banking is a basic need for every responsible citizen. There are various banks in Kenya, some are established and some are new. With the advance in technology, online banking has gained a lot of popularity. The reason behind this is the ease of access.

In this particular article, you will know all about I&M bank internet banking. If you are a new customer of I&M bank or an existing one, this guide will help you to take advantage of online banking.


Initially, I&M was a financial services company and it was later converted into a commercial bank. The bank has a presence in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda & Mauritius. The I&M bank has been awarded various bank awards.

I&M Bank Internet Banking

As you know internet banking or online banking allows you to accomplish various banking tasks from anywhere. All you need is access to your account and working internet.

If you are a new or continuing i&m bank customer and planning to use the online banking facility, this article has it all.

imbanking – Net Banking Registration

Before you could take the advantage of online banking, you should have a net banking account. Let’s understand the whole signup process:

Requirements for Self Registration

For those who are not yet leveraging the benefit of i&m internet banking, self-registration is the first step.

Make sure that you have:

  • An account with Bank (Retail or Corporate)
  • Working Debit Card
  • Access to Registered mobile number
  • Email ID
  • CIF (Customer ID)

How to Sign up for I&M bank Internet Banking

  • First of all, interested people need to head to the registration page
  • At the self-registration page, Enter your Customer ID, Mobile number and email ID
  • Click on “Continue” to proceed with the registration process
  • Once you complete all the steps, you will get a username and password so that you can log in to the platform

I&M Bank Netbanking Login

Registered users can access the I&M bank netbanking platform with the username and password they obtained after the registration process.

Using the online banking facility, you will be able to accomplish tasks like sending money online, checking bank balance, checking transaction history etc anywhere without even visiting the bank branch.

This facility is available for both corporate and retail users. Here is the login process

I&M iclick Corporate Login Process

Corporate users have a dedicated login page where they need to provide their Corporate ID, user ID and other information to sign in. The service is also known as iclick.

If you are a corporate, follow these steps:

  • Enter the Corporate ID
  • Enter the User ID
  • Click on the “Login” Button

imbank Retail User Online Banking Login

The login process for retail users is as follows:

  • Click on “Login”
  • Now provide the password and any other asked details
  • Hit the login button and you will be able to login into the retail section of IM bank’s internet banking platform

I&M On the Go Mobile App

Apart from accessing the netbanking on the i&m online banking website, users can also download the mobile app. This app is available on iOS and Android.

Here are the benefits of the app:

  • Check account balances on the go
  • Mobile Money, Local and International Payments
  • All Accounts Overview in one place
  • Quick links for most used payments
  • Airtime | Utility | Pesalink | KRA Payments
  • Approval Policy for Joint Account Holders
  • Service Requests: Stop Cheque | Lock/Unlock – Temporary Block
  • Unsecured Personal Loan
  • Lock and Unlock Feature for your Credit, Debit cards
  • Authentication through SMS/E-Mail or Google Authenticator

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Download I&M on the Go App

Interested customers can download mobile applications from the android and iOS app stores.

Warning – Don’t download the apk files of this app from third-party providers. Always ensure you download from the Google play store or iOS app store. Downloading apk files from third-party sources may compromise your security as these files can have additional malicious code embedded in them.

WebVisit Now


How is I&M bank working on the digitization of services?

The bank is providing net banking facilities over the web and as a mobile app to facilitate the customers.

Is there any different platform for I&M bank corporate users?

No, the platform is the same but a different module is a setup for corporate users.

What is I&M On the Go?

I&M on the Go is a mobile banking platform of the bank. Various online facilities are given to the users of this. You may download the I&M on the go app or access it over the web.

What is iclick?

The I&M bank netbanking platform is also called iclick.

Net Banking RegistrationRegister Now
Internet Banking Login (Retail&Corporate)https://netbanking.imbank.com/corp/KEhomeScreen.jsp
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