How to Become an Mpesa Agent

Becoming an Mpesa Agent in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

The Mpesa Agent business is profitable and many business-oriented people have been searching on how to become an Mpesa agent. The truth of the matter is that they get misleading information and end up quitting before starting.

Mpesa was introduced in Kenya in 2007. Since then it has made life easier for residents of East Africa and Africa at large.

There are over 600,000 M-Pesa agents and you could be the next agent tomorrow. By following everything in this article, you’ll be able to effortlessly register as an Mpesa agent and start working.

Requirement on How to become an Mpesa agent

To become a Safaricom Mpesa agent, you will need the following:

  1. A National ID or passport
  2. Passport size photo
  3. A business permit
  4. A clean Police clearance certificate (good conduct)
  5. KRA pin certificate
  6. Agent application form
  7. Minimum of Ksh 100,000

An Mpesa agent is different from an agent dealer. For agent dealers, you’ll need the following:

  1. A limited company
  2. Certificate of incorporation
  3. Form CR12
  4. Agent application forms
  5. The company must have an experience of over 6 months
  6. Minimum of Ksh 300,000 (Ksh 100k for float, Ksh 100k for SIM card replacement and Ksh 100k for additional float)
  7. Once computer
  8. At least 2 employees
  9. National ID copies for employees
  10. Stable internet connection
  11. 1 printer
  12. Office equipment (chairs, desks) and stationaries
  13. A telephone (mobile or landline)
  14. ETR (Electronic Tax Register) machine
  15. An official email address

Application process

How to Become an Mpesa Agent

Once you have all the needed documents for an Mpesa agent, follow the following steps

  1. Contact an M-Pesa dealer certified by Safaricom. Request for the application form
  2. Complete the form accurately and don’t falsify any information
  3. Submit the required documents
  4. You will undergo a short training to equip you with knowledge on how to handle and operate the Mpesa system
  5. The Mpesa dealer will visit your outlet to conduct checks
  6. You will be required to paint using Mpesa’s official colors
  7. After your documents have been verified, you will be handed over your Mpesa SIM card to start working
  8. Ensure you balance the float and the physical cash

Every month, you will be paid a commission depending on how hard you worked

An Mpesa agent outlet is a lucrative business. Ensure you work diligently; confirm client details during deposit and withdrawals.


Now that you have learned how to become an Mpesa agent. The next step is to start the registration process. Running an Mpesa agent is not complicated and you will get used to the first two weeks.

Remember to always be vigilant as you will meet people trying to scam you off your hard-earned cash.

If you have any inquiries or experience errors, please feel free to drop an email at or contact +254 722 002100.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much do I need to start an M-PESA agent?

You will need a minimum of Ksh 100,000 once your outlet is approved by Safaricom.

How much does an M-PESA agent line cost?

The Mpesa agent line is not for sale but is available to super agents for free. However, to get the super-agent status and acquire the SIM cards, you’ll need a minimum of Ksh 300,000

How much does an M-PESA agent earn per transaction?

The agent earns a commission anywhere between Ksh 4 to 200 depending on the amount of the transaction.

How do I register as a Safaricom agent?

First, you should access the application form online, fill it and submit it. Safaricom agents will visit your premises to do a physical check and later approve your application if you qualify.

How does Safaricom pay their agents?

Safaricom works with the Aggregators. They send them your monthly commission; the aggregator takes 20-30% share and then gives the remainder to the Mpesa agent.

Is there an app for M-PESA agents?

Yes, the Mpesa for Business app allows agents to track daily Mpesa transactions

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