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eCitizen portal was developed by the Kenyan government with only one aim: To Offer access to information & services in one place. Every citizen must sign up on the portal to get its benefits. With time, more and more services are added to e citizen platform.

E citizen portal is now the government’s official digital payment platform too. Around 5000 services are expected to be digitized on the platform. That’s why it is of utmost importance that you register on the ecitizen portal.

New users will be glad to know that signup process at the ecitizen portal is now more refined. Earlier, everyone who signed up for an account on the portal had to give their email address and phone number. Now, anyone can sign up for an account with just an email ID.

Thanks to the Ecitizen kenya portal, most services are now available online. A registered user can log into the website and start availing of the services. In this article, you will learn about the ecitizen kenya portal, available services and how to apply online.

E Citizen kenya

This initiation helps to increase revenue collection, cost minimization of collection, and enhance service delivery. It ensures that citizens, non-citizens of Kenya, and business entities can access these government services online and make Payments electronically and conveniently.

Moreover, online users can choose their preferred method of payment, 24X7, anywhere in the world. Since 2013, only a few government services have been partially digitized, and most receipts by the government were manual. Besides, a survey has found that over a third of the payments were cash-based, presenting a high opportunity for leakage and abuse of the system and the high cost of collection. All these incidents provoke the Keynan government to initiate the Ecitizen Kenya Portal.

Ecitizen Kenya: How to Create Account

As discussed above, the citizens should have an account on to obtain any essential government service.

Here is how to complete the E-citizen registration procedure, as shown below.

ecitizen Signup

Total Time: 4 minutes

Go to ecitizen website

Head to the official ecitizen portal Open your browser, Mozilla Firefox/google chrome, and type in in the address bar.

ecitizen registration portal

Click on the ‘create an account button on the top right side, and you will find an option to create an account.

There are options to create new accounts for Kenyan citizens and Foreign Residents. Click on create an account for Kenyan citizens if you are a Kenyan resident.

Provide required information

Now the applicants will get a web page where they need to fill in the following details: ID Number and First name as per their ID (click ‘ validate ‘ to validate your details).


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Ecitizen Login

This article explains the complete details about the Ecitizen Kenya Portal, Step by Step Guide to carrying out the New Account Registration Process, the Login Procedure, the eCitizen Mobile App, and a List of Services of Kenya on the official portal of Ecitizen Kenya.

What is the Purpose of the Ecitizen Kenya Portal

Let us see the purpose of the launch of the Ecitizen Kenya Portal, as shown below.

  • Kenya’s Ecitizen portal was first developed as a payment gateway and integrated with e-payment platforms, including mobile telephone money payment services and others.
  • The portal was fortified in Gazette Notice No. 9290 of 30th December 2014, and the mandate of the Taskforce was later enhanced through Gazette Notice No. 3299 of 13th May 2015.
  • However, on 12th January 2018, the Unit was moved from the presidency to the National Treasury under the Directorate of Accounting Services, Quality Assurance, and reports to a Steering Committee.
  • The eCitizen portal acts as a facilitator in providing an open (eKYC), digitized financial system, powering a digitally-driven and inclusive economy.
  • Besides providing resource mobilization for the government and enhancing service delivery to Kenyans,
  • Moreover, the NT’s MTP III (2018-2022) recommends that ‘All P2G and B2G payments be digital’ and has tasked the Unit with its implementation.
  • The eCitizen program cuts across the Social and Economic Pillar of Vision 2030 and is associated directly with Technology and Innovation and Public Sector Reforms.


More and more services are being added to the Ecitizen platform.

Features of E-citizen Kenya Service

Let us see the following features of the E-citizen Kenya Portal, as shown below.

  • Since the portal’s launch, the ecitizen Kenya services have proven a significant hit with Kenyans, thanks mainly to simplified access to multiple government services.
  • Under this initiative, the whole government is available to you via citizens. You no longer have to travel/queue for many hours to get a simple document like good conduct.
  • Everything has become so simple and easier after the portal’s launch, like vehicle transfers, NTSA services, County government licenses (for several counties), ePassport applications (on the passport application Kenya page), and many more.
  • The citizen Kenya self-service portal makes everything so easy.
  • The only qualification is to have an e citizen Kenya account to start enjoying virtually every government service.
  • Official Digital payments platform enables Kenyan citizens, residents, and visitors to access and pay for government services online.
  • In short, citizen Kenya is a government-sponsored citizen utility services website.
  • It’s from this vast internet site that you get a plethora of services.

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Additional Features of the E-Citizen Kenya Platform

Ecitizen is a platform that allows Kenyans to access government services such as the renewal of driving licenses, application of passports, business registration service, etc.

Single Sign-on: All you need is a single account with a username and password to get you into everything by the government.

Convenience: Online users can pay using mobile money, debit cards, and online banking from local banks.

Notifications: The citizens can receive email and SMS notifications every time their application has progressed.

Online Services: The applicants should fill out online application forms and receive their permit in PDF format.

E Citizen Kenya Services List – Updated 2023

The Kenyan government’s initiative is to digitize government payments by publishing government services on an e-Services Portal.

It provides Kenyan Citizens and Foreign Residents with a digital platform for e-Services resulting in a cash-lite digital environment. However, the initiative will be rolled out in different phases.

As part of the PFMRs reforms, the Government Digital Payments Unit is being facilitated in three areas, such as

  1. Onboarding of new Services on the Portal.
  2. Re-engineering the Portal for ease of navigation and
  3. Sensitization and training of MCDAs who use the platform for better use and an in-depth understanding of the system.

Find out the below list of services in detail, as shown below.

  1. KRA
  2. Customs Goods Declaration
  3. Pin Application/Registration
  4. Excisable Goods Management System
  5. Pin Checker
  6. Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Checker
  7. WHT (Withholding Tax) Checker
  8. KRA Complaints and Information Centre
  9. KRA Mobile Payments (service)
  10. Customs Manifest Lodgement
  11. Case Status Checker
  12. Returns Filing
  13. Tax Agent Checker
  14. Marriages
  15. Notice of Marriage – Registrar of Marriages
  16. Issuance of a registrar’s certificate – Registrar of Marriages
  17. Solemnization of marriage – Registrar of Marriages
  18. Issuance of a marriage certificate – Registrar of Marriages
  19. Commissioning of affidavits – Registrar of Marriages
  20. Business
  21. Business Name Registration – Registrar of Companies
  22. Business Name Search – Registrar of Companies
  23. Lands
  24. Official Search (Nairobi Blocks) – Ministry of Lands
  25. Land Rent Clearance Certificate – Ministry of Lands
  26. Application for official copy – Ministry of Lands
  27. Civil Registration Services
  28. Birth Certificate – Civil Registration Services
  29. Late Birth Certificate – Civil Registration Services
  30. Death Certificate – Civil Registration Services
  31. Driving
  32. Provisional Driving License – National Transport and Safety Authority
  33. Driving Test Booking- National Transport and Safety Authority
  34. Interim Driving License – National Transport and Safety Authority
  35. Driving License Renewal (1 Year) – National Transport and Safety Authority
  36. Driving Class Endorsement – National Transport and Safety Authority
  37. Duplicate Driving License- National Transport and Safety Authority
  38. Driving License Information Corrections – National Transport and Safety Authority
  39. Immigration
  40. Passport application for Adults – Department of Immigration
  41. Passport Application for Children – Department of Immigration
  42. Application for Kenyan Visa- Department of Immigration. Login

You can log in to your e-citizen account on the official website of a citizen in Kenya by the following steps:

You will use your Ecitizen Login to enter your Ecitizen Kenya portal in your account anytime you need a government service.

  • Go and visit the official portal of the Ecitizen Kenyan Government.
  • Enter the applicant’s ID number/email address plus your password as created earlier on then click login.
  • The system then logs the applicants in.
  • The service’s dashboard is shown below, so press on your liked service and apply.

County Governments with services on E-citizen Kenya

Several county governments have collaborated with e citizens of Kenya and have some of their services listed on the website. These are:

  • County Government of Nyeri
  • County Government of Mombasa
  • County Government of Kisumu

This means you can get your business permit/license from the citizen if your business is located in any of these counties.

Ecitizen Kenya password /Account recovery

Recovering your E-citizen password is quite simple. Just follow the following steps:

  • Go to the usual Ecitizen login page and click on forgot your password.
  • Fill in your official registered email address (the one on the portal). The password reset instruction details are sent to this email box.
  • Click on email me the link to reset my password then select continue.
  • Now open the email inbox and sign in.
  • The users will then find a password reset email from Ecitizen.
  • Open this email and click the attached link, which takes you to the password resetting screen below.
  • The applicant’s role is only to enter a new password (remember to confirm it) and, lastly click reset my password.

How To Recover Ecitizen Kenya Portal password using your ID number

The ID number method is seemingly easier for many Kenyans.

  • Here you enter the ID number (in place of your email).
  • He/She can request the Ecitizen portal to send a password recovery SMS code.
  • The applicants should select send the reset code through the mobile number.
  • Click on the continue button.
  • Now head over to your phone and locate the SMS code from eCitizen.
  • Type this code in the next window and click continue.
  • A new password reset screen will then start loading.
  • Your work is only to enter a new password (remember to confirm it) and lastly click reset my password.
  • From now on, online users will log in using this new email.

Ecitizen Kenya Mobile App

Ecitizen ke is an android app that can be used to access the Ecitizen portal provided by the Kenyan Government. You can access the following services in the app.

Registrar of companies

  1. Business Name Registration
  2. Business Name Search

Registrar of marriages

  1. Notice of Marriage
  2. Issuance of a registrar’s certificate
  3. Solemnization of marriage
  4. Issuance of a marriage certificate
  5. Commissioning of affidavits
  6. Special licenses for marriage

National transport and safety authority

  1. Provisional Driving License
  2. Driving Test Booking
  3. Interim Driving License
  4. Driving License Renewal (1 Year)
  5. Driving Class Endorsement
  6. Duplicate Driving License
  7. Driving License Information Corrections

Ministry of lands

  1. Official Search (Nairobi Blocks)
  2. Land Rent Clearance Certificate
  3. Application for the official copy

Department of Immigration

  1. Passport application for adults
  2. Passport Application for Children
  3. Application for Kenyan Visa

Features of the eCitizenKe Mobile App

Let us see the features of the eCitizen Mobile App, as shown below.

  • Ecitizen ke is a free app for Android published in the Office Suites & Tools list of apps, part of the business.
  • The company that develops eCitizenKe is Kimaget Systems.
  • To install this app, the eCitizenKe, on your Android device, you click the Continue to App button above to start the installation process.
  • The app has been listed on our website since 2016-05-16 and was downloaded 2969 times.
  • We have already checked if the download link is safe. However, we recommend you scan the downloaded app with your antivirus for your protection.
  • If the antivirus detects the eCitizenKe as malware, then contact the helpline.

How to Download/install eCitizenKe App on your Android device

Let us see the online procedure to download and install the eCitizen Mobile App on your device.

  • Open google play store and search for “ecitizenke”
  • Once the eCitizenKe is shown in the Google Play listing of your Android device, you can start the download by clicking on the install button.
  • It then shows a pop-up window with the permissions required by eCitizenKe will be shown.
  • Click on Accept to continue the process.
  • Then, finally, the eCitizenKe app will be downloaded onto your device, displaying progress.
  • Once the download completes, the installation will start, and you’ll receive a notification after the installation is completed.

Ecitizen Kenya Helpline/Complaint Number

Let us find the contact details of the Ecitizen Kenya portal, as shown below.

To contact Ecitizen Kenya, here are the details:

Important Links


Where can we find Ecitizen Kenya app?

The citizens can find the Ecitizen ke app on Android published in the Office Suites & Tools list of apps, part of the business. Kimaget Systems has developed this app, and the latest version released by its developer is 7.0. This app was rated by 3 users of our site with an average rating of 2.7.

How to contact Ecitizen Kenya service in case of any issues regarding the same?

The applicants can contact the concerned numbers displayed on the official portal of Ecitizen Kenya.

What are the primary citizen services that Ecitizen Kenya provides?

You can access the following services on the official website of Ecitizen Kenya, such as
Registrar of companies
• Registrar of marriages
• National transport and safety authority
• Ministry of lands
• Department of Immigration

What is the objective of the Ecitizen Kenya launched by the Kenyan government?

The Ecitizen portal,, was launched as a payment gateway and integrated with electronic payment platforms, including mobile telephone money payment services.

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