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ECitizen Kenya Passport Application Form 2022-Apply Online, Login @ Immigration Portal

Are you applying for a passport in Kenya? The immigration department, through the eCitizen portal, has you covered. So, what’s eCitizen? Ecitizen Kenya is a digital platform that allows you to apply for government services.

One of the services is passport applications. All you need are a few documents and access to the application form online. The immigration portal allows you to create an account, sign in and apply for your passport.

Before the introduction of the eCitizen portal, many Kenyans used to queue all day just to get the application form. The application process was like survival for the fittest. But not today. Things have changed for the better, and the services run efficiently, thanks to modern technology.

The immigration department has invested immensely in digital systems. Kenyan citizens, aliens, and foreigners get access to the services at the press of a button. In the modern world, efficiency is everything.

This article will guide you through how to apply for a Kenyan passport through the eCitizen portal. Let’s get started.

Online Passport Application Kenya

For passport applications in Kenya, you are required to fill out form 19, which is available online through the E-citizen passport application portal.

This online facility is convenient for the government as well as for the interested applicants. In order to get a passport, you must provide all the asked documents. Once the given information and attached documents are processed, your passport application on the e citizen portal will be approved.

Documents Required for Passport application in Kenya

Before you begin the process, scan the following documents:

  1. Your Original ID card
  2. Your birth certificate
  3. Your parent’s ID card
  4. Recommenders ID card
  5. Passport size photo (taken on a white background)
  6. Your signature on a white paper
  7. Old passport (if you’re replacing your passport)
  8. Sworn affidavit and police abstract (if your passport got lost or mutilated)

Bonus items required are :

  • Your KRA pin certificate
  • Next of kin ID cards (two next of kin are needed)
  • A computer or a laptop (a smartphone will not be able to apply efficiently)
  • Stable internet
  • Your personal details (e.g., the colour of eyes, height, etc.)

Note: you should submit your application in person for biometric and photo capture (you can’t send someone to process your application).

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E Citizen Kenya Account Registration & Login Process

If you have all the documents, follow the procedure below.

Apply Online for Passport in Kenya -E Citizen Application Form 2022

e citizen passport login
  • Enter your ID number and password.
  • Once the portal opens, head to the new application, Directorate of Immigration Services. Don’t be confused because the immigration services are two.
  • Confirm your identity (that you want to log in) and continue.
  • Proceed to the first option, “Passport Application.”

Section 1: Category

  • Choose the passport owner (your application or your child’s application).

Section 2: Application Instructions

  • Read the application instructions, requirements, and fees carefully.

Section 3: Dual Nationality

  • Choose whether you have dual nationality (Yes or No)
  • If you have dual nationality, state the country of dual nationality and your previous passport number.

Section 4: Passport Type

  • Select your passport type (ordinary or diplomatic),
  • Application type (first time, replacing, change of particulars, mutilated or lost passport)
  • Choose page count (only 50 pages and 60 pages are available currently)
  • State who has a passport in your family

Section 5: Applicant Details

  • Choose the location to submit your application.
  • Enter your name, date of birth, and gender.
  • Next, enter any special peculiarities (e.g., scars or deformities on the face).
  • Choose the colour of your eyes and enter your height in feet
  • Choose your birth location (country and home county) and enter the place of birth.
  • Choose your type of citizenship
  • Enter your KRA pin
  • Enter your birth certificate entry number
  • State your occupation and marital status (if you’re married, you’ll have to state your partner’s name and place of marriage and upload a marriage certificate or sworn affidavit).
  • Choose a reason for travel (if you choose work, you’ll have to provide an official letter from the National Employment Authority). To avoid unnecessary hullabaloo, choose “Visit” as the reason for travel.
  • Next, enter your residential details.
  • Country of residence
  • Postal address and code
  • Phone number and email address
  • Estate/ sub-location and House number/village
  • Click next

Section 6: Parents’ Details

  • State parent status (available, unavailable, or deceased)
  • State your parent’s full name, place of birth, and ID card number.
  • Enter their passport number if available
  • Enter postal address and code
  • Enter the phone number

Note: If one of your parents is deceased, you’ll have to upload a death certificate.

Section 7: Next of Kin

  • You are required to have two next of kins
  • Enter the full name and ID card number
  • State the division and location where they come from
  • Select your relationship with the next of kin (father, mother, sister, brother, aunt, etc.).
  • Enter their PO box and postal code.
  • Lastly, enter their phone number and email address.

Section 8: Particulars of Children

  • Choose whether you have children.
  • If you do, enter their full name, place of birth, date of birth, gender, and relationship (legitimate child or legally adopted).
  • If you have more than one child, click on “Add Row” to include the other children.

Section 9: uploads

  • Upload all the necessary scanned documents
  • Review your application keenly
  • When satisfied, press “Complete.”

Pay for service

  • Choose your payment method.
  • Mobile money (M-PESA), debit cards, credit cards, and online banking
  • Make payments (in this case, it’s Ksh 6,050).
  • Once you receive a payment confirmation message, click “Complete” to validate your payments.
  • After successful payment, book an appointment and print the passport application form together with invoices.

Once you’ve downloaded the application form, fill in where you’re required, sign and attach the necessary documents and present the documents at the selected immigration office.

According to the immigration department, you should get your passport within ten working days from the date of submission. All passport applications are made online via the eCitizen portal.

Passport Application: Requirements during Submission

  • Applicants should appear in person
  • A dully filled eCitizen passport application form
  • Three invoices
  • Original birth certificate together with one photocopy
  • Your original National ID Card, together with one photocopy
  • Three current passport photos (taken on a white background)
  • Photocopy of recommender’s National ID card
  • For old passport replacement, present the passport together with photocopies of its last three pages.
  • Photocopies of both parents’ ID cards (if not available, present death certificate)
  • If your passport got lost, present a police abstract, a sworn affidavit, and an explanation letter.
  • For mutilated Passports, present an explanation letter detailing the circumstances of the mutilation (e.g., fire, floods, etc.)

Passport Application Fees in Kenya

Passport Type

Fee (Kshs)

32 Pages Ordinary

Kshs. 4,550

48 pages Ordinary

Kshs. 6,050

64 Pages Ordinary

Kshs. 7,550

Diplomatic passport (48 pages)

Kshs 7,550

Mutilated Passport

Kshs 10,050

Lost Passport

Kshs 12,050

Other eCitizen services on E Citizen Portal

  • Custom goods declaration
  • Customs manifest lodgment
  • Tax agent checker
  • KRA pin registration
  • Business name search and registration
  • Issuance of marriage certificates and commissioning of affidavits
  • Driving license application and renewal
  • Application for land copies from the ministry of lands
  • Application for visas
  • Application for birth and death certificates
  • Application for police clearance certificate (good conduct)
  • National youth council services
  • Kenya National Qualification Authority (KNQA)
  • Permits from National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)
  • Kenya Film Commission
  • Permit from Kenya construction authority (NCA)
  • Registrar of societies
  • County government services (Kisumu, Nyeri, Mombasa)
  • Compliance certificates from HELB (Higher Education Loans Board)
  • Ministry of mining portal

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