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The Kenya Power Self Service portal conveniently allows customers access KPLC services at the comfort of their homes without the need to visit the offices. Before the portal was introduced, long queues were the order of the day at all KPLC offices country wide.

KPLC Self Service

Thanks to technology, a self-service portal has simplified the bill query request among other services for KPLC customers. This article will explain step by step on how to register, log in and how the KPLC self-service registration portal works. Let’s get started.

How to Register for Kenya Power Self Service

To access the portal, click here, but first, make sure you have the following:

  1. Account number (for landlords only)
  2. Your Kenyan National ID number, passport or certificate of registration (for landlords only)
  3. Working phone number (for code confirmation)
  4. Working email address
  • Proceed to the registration process on the KPLC website
  • Select if you are a tenant or a landlord register
  • For landlords enter your KPLC account number
  • Next select document type (National ID number, passport or certificate of registration)
  • Select your country
  • Enter the document number (the one you selected)
  • Select to receive code by phone number
  • Enter your phone umber
  • Enter your email and confirm
  • Check to proceed
  • Accept KPLC terms and conditions
  • Send code, enter the code and click on register
  • Welcome aboard

Kenya Power Self Service – Tenant Registration

For tenants, the process is quite easy tenant registration
  • Enter your full names
  • Select on phone (to receive activation code)
  • Enter phone number
  • Enter your email and confirm
  • Check to proceed
  • Accept KPLC terms and conditions
  • Send code, enter the code and click on register
  • Your KPLC account is ready, proceed to log in

KPLC Self Service Login

Now that you have successfully created your KPLC self-service account, proceed to Login. You need to provide your username and password to login into your account and take advantage of the given facilities.

  • Visit the login page at
kenya power self service login
  • Enter your email or phone number as username
  • Then enter the password that you mentioned while signing up
  • Click on Login button to get redirected to Dashboard.

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List of Services Available on KPLC Self service portal

The following services will be available on the kenya power self service portal:

Bill/ Meter Query

kplc bill meter query

Here, you can query for account number (for landlords only) or meter number for tenants which displays the 4 previous token transactions

New Change Holder Request

change holder request kplc

This option allows you to change to a new supplier, upload the necessary documents when requested

New Supply Application

kplc new connection application

Apply for new electricity connection in this section, upload your data, contacts, location where the service will be supplied, supply information, and supply information data.

Complaints and Suggestions

kenya power complaint and suggestions onine filing

This is the section where you record all your complaints and any suggestion you may have in your mind that can improve KPLC service delivery.

Jua For Sure

Jua for sure verification

On this tab, enter a contractors ID or KPLC staff member number to confirm if they are genuine or frauds

Application Form Download

Download and manually fill the supply of electric form

Supply Contract Form Download

If you want to do business with KPLC, then download the supply form contract and fill it manually (Don’t fill the form if you haven’t been awarded a tender or contract)

Bill Calculator

C:\Users\COMP 2\Pictures\SELF SERVICE\11.PNG

This calculator allows you to calculate the KPLC units consumed in each month.

Kenya Power Self-Service App – “My Power”

KPLC consumers will be glad to know that KPLC has a dedicated mobile app. This mobile app can be used as a self-service solution on your phone. This app is available to download for android as well as iOS. Once you download it, you can login and start using it just like the self service portal.

The Kenya Power self-service portal has simplified the services that would have taken ages to be resolved; on our side we are pleased. But what about you, are you satisfied with the KPLC self-service portal? Would like some services added? Share with us on the comment section, we will answer your questions accordingly.

Important Links

KPLC Self Service Website
Kenya Power Self Service AppAndroid || iOS


Who can use the KPLC Self-Service?

Any kenya power consumer wanting to manage a KPLC account online can sign up for this service.

Is the registration process same for Tenants and owners?

The process of registration for owners and tenants is different. It is explained in the article with relevant screenshots.

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