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Check Good Conduct Certificate Status – Police Clearance Verification Online

The Police clearance verification page allows you to check the good conduct application status. This online facility keeps you updated. The e-citizen DCI page offers online verification services.

Did you recently apply for Good Conduct and want to know the application status?

Check the Police Clearance certificate PCC application status is quite simple. The applicant must be aware of the application number though. Yes, when you apply for Police clearance, you get an application number. This application number can be used to track the DCI Clearance certificate application status.

The process of checking the current application status is also called Police clearance verification. You just need to spare 2 minutes to know the details.

Good Conduct Certificate Status

As you know, the Good conduct OR Police Verification certificate is required in many places. Having this certificate means that the person doesn’t have any criminal charges again him/her and is considered a good citizen.

In order to apply for jobs, this certificate is considered extremely important. If you don’t have one already, you need to apply.

If you have already applied, make sure you have the following to check the application status.

Requirements to Check Police Clearance Certificate Status

To utilize the online verification facility, you need to enter these:

  • Application Number – After you submit the application, you get an application number. You need this number to check the status.
  • ID Number – You need to enter your ID number too

Online Police Clearance Verification

  • Visit the official Page -https://dci.ecitizen.go.ke/verify
ecitizen dci verify
  • Enter the Application Number
  • Enter ID number
  • Click on “Search”


That’s it, if the information entered by you is correct, you will see the status on this Verify output page.


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How to find the application number?

If you don’t have the application number, you need to Login to the ecitizen portal and check from there.

Can I check the Police clearance certificate application status of another person?

Yes, if you can help others to find their good conduct certificate application status. You need the application number and ID number.

I am sure you now know how to check the Police clearance certificate status online. Feel free to ask anything in the comments section below.