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Citizens Initiative Kenya – How to Submit Signature on Raila’s Tumechoka Portal

Opposition chief Raila Odinga recently announced a website for people who want President Ruto to be removed. With the Tumechoka portal, citizens who are interested can easily submit their signatures. Through this campaign, Raila is aiming to collect 10 millions signatures.

This is an effort by Raila Odinga to show the ruling party how many people are against them. There is no doubt that many people don’t support Ruto’s policies. The latest Finance bill controversy was a blow to Ruto government. Raila is trying to make most of the situation by providing a platform for people to show their distrust in the government.


This campaign is called as “Citizens Initiative” or “Tumechoka Initiative”. Those who want President Ruto to be removed can submit their signatures on the portal.

However, Kindly understand that the Constitution states that getting enough signatures is not a way to get rid of the President. The proper way to do this is through impeachment in Parliament.

Raila Launches Website for Signature Collection

As mentioned before the signature collection website is live now. The website was launched recently. Through this website, people can vote (virtually sign) the petition for the removal of President Ruto. This campaign is called as Citizens’ Initiative or Tumechoka Initiative.

Citizens’ Initiative Kenya

The initiative is to remove from office Mr. William Ruto as President and Mr. Rigathi Gachagua as Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.

About the Citizens’ Initiative Website : Tumechoka

The tumechoka portal allows interested citizens to virtually sign and support the citizens’ Initiative.


Anybody who wants to virtually sign the initiative, needs to provide following details/information:

  1. ID Number
  2. Name
  3. ID Image
  4. Phone Number
  5. County Name
  6. Constituency Name
  7. Ward

After giving this information, concerned person can sign and submit the form.

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Citizens’ Initiative by Raila – How to Submit a Signature Online

The process is simple:

  • Go to tumechoka portal
  • As soon as the page opens, you see an online form.
  • Enter your ID Number, Last Name/First Name, Upload ID Image, Key in your Phone Number, County & Constrituency Name. Then enter your Ward name
  • The virtually sign using the keypad or Mouse or touchscreen.
  • Then check the option “By Submitting my details, i support this initiative & give express consent to receive communication”.
  • Then hit the Submit button.
signature submitted
  • You can also download the Physical signature form.

Quick Links

Direct LinkAccess Here
About the InitiativeDownload PDF
Download Physical FormGet Here

My Take on This

Every opposition party can do anything within the boundaries of the constitution to show their distrust in the government.

Citizens who want to show that they are against the Ruto’s government and want a change, can cast their vote and support the Raila’s Campaign.

Collecting signatures can show how many people are unhappy with President Ruto’s policies, but it cannot remove him from the presidency.


Are there any chances of Fraud?

As the National ID number is involved in the process, the chances of Fraud are very minute.

Is there any offline mode for signing the petition?

Yes, you can download the physical form and submit it.

What is the official name of this initiative?

Citizens’ Initiative or Tumechoka

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  1. Big crime for the launched taking signaures against elect president I counter to campaign against misleading innocent kenyans use their signatures desroy our beloved country kenya colaple. Am not for signatures submitted plan B of Azimio kwanza overthrow govt


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