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e Citizen Gava Mkononi App – How to Download & Access

On June 30th, President Ruto unveiled GavaMkononi App. This mobile app provides access to 5000+ government services in Kenya. Don’t get confused with the name, it is Ecitizen mobile App. The full name of this application is “eCitizen – Gava Mkononi”

This application is specifically developed for mobile phone users. It will make the process of availing the services easier than ever.

If you are willing to apply for any government service in Kenya, you must download the GavaMkononi app and install it on your phone.

e citizen App

As you know so far, ecitizen services were accessible from the web portal, the official website of ecitizen. With the launch of e Citizen GavaMkononi App, now you can access the services on your phone using mobile application. Yes, smartphone users now no longer need to use the web browser.

Simply download the ecitizen GavaMkononi app, install it and get started.

Matter of DiscussionLaunch of E-citizen mobile app namely “e Citizen Gava Mkononi App”
Available onGoogle Play Store
BenefitsAccess to 5000+ Government Services in Kenya
Launched on30th June 2023 by President Ruto

Features of eCitizen GavaMkononi Mobile App

  • Dedicated solution for smartphone users.
  • Fast and easy access.
  • Access to More than 5000 government services

Benefits of e citizen App

With the launch of ecitizen app, the access to more than 5000 government services has become easier. Earlier citizens had to access the web portal (which can still be accessed). In the event of high load on web server, the ecitizen website used to hang and occassionaly crash.

The ecitizen android app will ensure that this never happens. With time, more and more citizen will start using the mobile application which will ensure that the users of the web portal as well as mobile app users get a seamless experience of the ecitizen platform.

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How to Download e Citizen GavaMkononi App

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, do it by following these steps:

  • Go to the Google Play Store
  • Search “eCitizen – Gava Mkononi”
  • Click on the install button to start the installation
  • After the app is installed, open it up and start using.

Gava Mkononi App for iOS?

Accessing the Gava Mkononi App

It is expected the app to be soon available for iOS users. At the time of writing this article, this app is unavailable on the Apple app store.

Follow these steps to get started with the app.

  • Once you have the app on your phone, open it up
ecitizen app installed
  • On the first launch, you will have the option to login or register.
first time open
  • If you don’t have the ecitizen account yet, click on “Register” and sign up.

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  • If you already have account, click on “Login”.
  • This will open a webpage asking you to sign in.
  • As soon as you provide correct login credentials, you are taken back to the mobile app interface.
  • Now, you can start accessing the ecitizen services through the Gava mkononi application.

Quick Links

App on Play StoreAccess Now
App on iOS store*to be announced*

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of ecitizen Gava Mkononi App?

The motive to launch this app was to ensure the availability of services on multiple platforms. The cross-platform availability of ecitizen services allows easy access.

Is this app available on all operating systems?

No, right now it is available only on android. So, if you are using android smartphone, you can download the app and start using it.

Do i need to register to use this app?

If you are already registered on ecitizen platform, then there is no need, you can simply login. Those who haven’t registered yet, can register using this app and then login to start accessing the services.
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