Mpesa to Standard Chartered Bank Deposit

Easy Deposits : Mpesa to Standard Chartered Bank

Mpesa to Standard Chartered Bank Deposit allows clients to deposit directly to the SCB instead of queuing at the bank for long hours. It offers convenience and saves time.

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) is an international banking group. As of 2024, the bank has over 1,000 branches spanning over 50 countries across the globe.

In Kenya, the SCB bank introduced the Mpesa bank deposit due to the popularity of Mpesa. Safaricom’s Mpesa service allows you to deposit funds in almost every major bank in the country.

If you use a standard chartered bank account follow through the article to learn how to deposit funds from the Mpesa account to your bank account.

How to deposit funds to your standard chartered bank via Mpesa

For Mpesa to Standard Chartered Bank Deposit to go through, you will first need the following:

  • Standard chartered bank account
  • Paybill number 329329
  • Safaricom SIM card with Mpesa funds

Once you have everything proceed to the transaction

  1. Open your Mpesa app or SIM toolkit
  2. Open Lipa na Mpesa
  3. Select Paybill
  4. Enter Paybill number 329329
  5. Enter account number (standard chartered account number)
  6. Enter amount
  7. Enter Mpesa PIN

An SMS confirmation from Mpesa will be sent with the transaction details

Mpesa to Standard Chartered Bank Deposit

If you don’t have an SCB account, you can open one as soon as possible.

Opening a standard chartered account online

To open a standard chartered bank account, open a new tab

Open the Standard Chartered Bank portal

  1. Click on “Create account”
  2. Download the SCB App from the App Store or Play Store
  3. Open the app
  4. Click “Open a bank account”
  5. Choose the account type you wish to open
  6. Enter contact details
  7. Enter the OTP sent to your phone
  8. Provide details about your nationality
  9. Upload a clear passport photo and your National ID
  10. Enter your residential details
  11. Confirm your details
  12. Agree to the terms and conditions
  13. You have successfully opened an account
  14. Visit any branch near you to activate your account

Mpesa to Standard Chartered Bank Deposit contacts

Mpesa to Standard Chartered Bank Deposit contacts allows you to interact with the management of the bank.

Standard Chartered Bank has chosen agents to manage complaints and inquiries in every section. They include:

Contact CentrePersonal BankingPriority Banking, Wealth & Relationship Management
Leila Mwaura Tel: +254 708 450 357 LeilaNjeri.Mwaura@sc.comRamona Mwarey Tel: +254 707 678 599 Ramona.Mwarey@sc.comPaul Njoki Tel: +254 798 476 536
Business BankingBranch ServicesHead Consumer, Private & Business Banking, Kenya & East Africa
Bernard Kombo Tel: +254 799 434 987        Joan Okello Tel: +254 798 498 590 JoanAmbuche.Okello@sc.comEdith Chumba Tel: +254 740 025 189
Client Experience24-Hour Client CentreComplaint
Anastacia Mukeku Tel: +254 716 365 022 20 3293900 +254 703 093 900 +254 732 143

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to deposit money to Standard Chartered Bank from M-Pesa?

To deposit money to your SCB in Kenya use the Lipa na Mpesa option to enter the Paybill number 329329, enter your account number, and the amount, and then enter your Mpesa PIN. You can transfer any amount as long as it’s within the Mpesa limits.

Can I send money from M-Pesa to a bank account?

Yes, you can send money from Mpesa to any bank account using the bank’s official Paybill number. First, you will need to open a bank account and register for mobile banking.

How do I pay my Standard Chartered credit card via M-Pesa?

To pay for the credit card use the Lipa na Mpesa option to enter the Paybill number 329110, enter the number at the credit card as the account number, enter the amount, and then Mpesa PIN. Loading your money to your SCB credit card is slightly different from how you transfer money to the official bank account.

How many digits is the Standard Chartered Bank account number?

Typically, Standard chartered bank account number consists of 11 characters. Different banks come with different digits. Some banks have 13 digits on their account number while others have 10 digits.

What is the minimum balance in a Standard Chartered savings account?

You can have zero balance on your savings account. However, it is advised you change a good amount in case of emergencies.

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