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TSC Payslip 2022 Login, View online, and Download

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has introduced an online portal to ease access to different services for teachers. The TSC online Pay slip is a system that enables teachers to access their pay slips and view their details online. The TSC pay slip system is convenient, effective, and efficient since it is fast and allows teachers to send payslips to third-party financial institutions through their mobile phones.

Some third-party financial institutions approved by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) include insurance, microfinance, commercial banks, Saccos, Hire purchase institutions, Teachers’ Unions, and Welfares, among others.

TSC Payslip Login

To access the TSC Payslip service, follow the following procedures;

  • Visit the Teachers Service Commission website using the link: www.tsc.go.ke
  • Once on the website under Online Services, a T-PAY tab appears below it; click on the tab.
tsc my payslip
  • After clicking on the T-PAY tab, you will find a username and password window where you will be required to enter your details. Note that only teachers who have registered and activated their accounts can log in.
tsc payslip login
  • If you have forgotten your password, click the “Reset password” to generate a new one.
reset password
  • The reset password tab will lead you to another tab where you have to fill out the form shown below as a process of resetting your password.

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How to view my TSC payslip online

After successfully logging in to your T-PAY account, check the list that appears on the left-hand side of your screen. The list contains various services you may wish to perform using your TSC payslip.

Some of the items that you will get access to include;

  1. Menu
  2. Latest Payslip
  3. Latest P9
  4. My Transactions

From the four items, to view your payslip for the current month, click on the “Latest Payslip” option. Immediately, your latest payslip will appear on the screen.

To get a hard copy of your payslip, there are two ways which are;

  • Take a screenshot of the payslip, after which you will print it.
  • Alternatively, you can click on the ‘Print’ tab on your screen. This option is most applicable when using a desktop computer or laptop.

To view the other payslips, click on the Months tab at the top of your screen. The options from which to select are;

  1. Month one
  2. Month two
  3. Month three and so on.

To view more of your payslips, just click on ‘View Payslips’ from the main menu on the left side of your screen. You will then select the specific year and the month from which you would like to view your payslips. The page will appear as shown below;

view my tsc payslips

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How to download my TSC Payslip Online

After successfully logging in to your TSC Payslip account and viewing your desired payslip, the next step is downloading and printing the payslip. This is to obtain a hard copy of your payslip. The procedure for downloading and printing your payslip is as explained below;

  • After logging in, the system will direct you to a homepage with a dashboard section.
  • On your screen, click on the “View payslip” option. You will then be able to view your online payslips.
  • After selecting the payslip for a specific period and viewing it, you must download the document.
  • There are two ways to download the payslip; First, you can take a screenshot of the page with the payslip and then print the picture.
  • Secondly, you can click the “Print” option on your screen to download the payslip document.
  • After downloading, the payslip document is printed to obtain a hard copy.

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Remember that once you have finished using the TSC Payslip service, you must log out, especially when performing it in a cyber. This is for your account safety. Your password security is your responsibility; don’t allow fraudsters to access your account.

Keep checking the TSC section for the latest TSC Updates 2022.


Which service allows you to view and download TSC payslips?

T-Pay allows the teachers to view payslips and even download them.

How to access the payslips?

You need to login into the portal using your credentials.

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