fake hustler fund apps

Beware of Fake Hustler Fund Apps

The citizens were waiting for a long time for the Hustler fund program to start and so were the spammers. As soon as the initiative was launched, various apps with similar names were launched, confusing the people.

This article has only one objective i.e. to clearly specify how to identify fake apps from the original one.

ProblemVarious Apps available online with the name “Hustler Fund” (or a similar name)
SolutionIdentifying the Official App
Official App AvailabilityAvailable
NameHustler Fund Mini App

Fake Hustler Fund Apps

fake hustler fund apps

Many spammers are trying to make the most of the opportunity by launching fake & malicious apps with the name Hustler Fund or similar names.

Here are some of the fake app names-

  • Hustler Fund
  • Hustlers Fund – Vision 2030

I will keep adding more names as soon as I spot them. Feel free to share the names in the comments section If you know.

Their motive is to gather as much personal information from people, as possible. If you are looking for an official mobile application and don’t know how to identify one, this article will help you.

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Avoid Hustler Fund App Apks

If you are planning to get the app via apk file, there is a huge risk involved. The apk file could contain malicious code and sacrifice the security of your mobile phone.

Also, the apk file could be another app rather than the original app. The only way to find out is by downloading and installing the app, which as mentioned before is a risky practice.

I highly recommend you guys not look for the hustler fund apk and never download it.

How to Spot the Original App

I am not talking about this case but in general. Whenever you are planning to download any app, make sure you get it from official stores i.e. Play Store, app store etc. Also, look for the developer’s name to find out who developed it.

Official Government apps are not developed by individuals. So, if you find any individual name written, it is most probably the fake one.

Also, getting in touch with the news is a good way. If you watch or read the news on regular basis, you will know the details there will be very less chances of being spammed.


What if I downloaded a fake app?

In case you have identified that you have downloaded the fake hustler fund app, uninstall it right away. If possible, delete the remaining files manually it.

Why would someone release a fake hustler fund app?

1) To get the personal information of people and sell it on the black market or use it for unethical purposes
2 ) To scam people by hacking into their devices using malicious codes embedded into the apps.

Is downloading the apk file safe?

No, it is certainly not safe. I highly recommend avoiding downloading and installing of apk files.
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