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Chanjo KE Kenya Vaccination Certificate Download – Step by Step Guide

Find out how to download vaccination certificate on your phone or PC – Step by Step Guide for Kenyan Residents at Chanjo KE Portal

The Ministry of Health has urged all Kenyans to get completely vaccinated if they wish to enter public spaces or enjoy government services. This decision was made in December 2021, after the National Emergency Response Committee observed a considerable surge in new COVID-19 infections and the positivity rate.

Those who have got the vaccination shots need to have a vaccination certificate as proof. You need to download it and save it on your mobile or PC. Whenever asked, you may present it to the concerned person.

Chanjo KE Vaccination Certificate Download

The following steps will guide you through the process of obtaining your COVID-19 certificate after being completely vaccinated:

  • Navigate to the Ministry of Health’s website (
  • If you DO NOT already have an account, you must Register by providing the following information:

Have you had vaccinations? – No

Choose an identifying method (National ID, Passport, Birth Certificate, Alien ID, Military ID)

Number of identification

Provide your email address.

Phone Number

chanjo ke covid vaccination certificate

  • Enter your password, confirm it, and then proceed to sign up.


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Chanjo KE Login to Download COVID 19 Certificate

If you do have an account, please follow these steps:

  • Sign in or log in using the following methods:
    • National Identification Number, Passport Number, Alien Identification Number, and Birth Certificate Password
  • You’ll be provided with the following instructions:
  • If you have not received your vaccination, click register to access the registration form.
  • All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
  • Your identification is critical; ensure that you input the correct information.
  • Please ensure that you enter the right contact information because they will be used to send you your next vaccination schedule communication.
  • Your next of kin’s information is necessary.
  • Choose your dwelling location.
  • Select your allergies/pre-existing conditions. If they are not listed, use the other allergies/conditions option to add them.
  • Confirm your information and then click submit to finish the registration process.
  • After logging in/registering, you will be led to the Ministry of Health’s Chanjo KE Dashboard, which displays your information in its entirety.

Additionally, you may access your immunization schedule and account information here.

If you have already been vaccinated, navigate to the Dashboard and click on VIEW YOUR INFO. You can change your personal information and VIEW CERTIFICATE here.

The certificate verifies that you have been vaccinated, as well as the vaccine kind and immunization dates.

Now is the time to get vaccinated!

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