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Chanjo Health Portal – MOH Self Service Website Registration, Login & Vaccination Certificate

Thanks to the Chanjo Health portal, By MOH, services related to COVID 19 vaccines are now digital. One may register, login and proceed with vaccination. Once vaccinated, the Chanjo portal allows you to download the vaccination certificate too. This article is dedicated to explaining how to use moh self service portal health website services.

After the COVID outbreak, there was a need of kenya covid self service portal to keep the citizens updated. Also this portal allows people to register for vaccination and get their certificates. Although the COVID situation is better now in the country, the same portal can be used in the future. As you know, there is a possible Ebola outbreak going in, this website is going to play crucial part during this situation too.

The government of Kenya has not been left behind in the war against covid 19. With financial support from the UN, the government has been pushing for its citizens to get vaccinated. However, some people are sceptical about it. It’s better safe than sorry. health moh self service portal is the to go place for any related information.

Given an opportunity, what would you choose? Your money or your health? We all have different answers. Now, this brings us to a hotly debated topic. The Covid-19 vaccines. I know you are wondering why you should take a vaccine now? It’s quite simple to boost your immunity against coronavirus attacks.

Chanjo Health Portal

The ministry of health (MOH, kenya) has opened a portal to provide vaccination related services.. The Chanjo portal allows people who have been vaccinated to create an account and download their vaccination certificate from chanjo health portal.

Consider this article as the to go guide related to Chanjo website. In this article, we are covering each and every detail related to the Kenya government’s health portal. We will be discussing things in a proper manner. First of all, you will know about the Portal itself, then about how to register then the login process and finally how to download the vaccination certificate.

MOH Chanjo portal Online Registration

Kindly make sure that the information you are going to provide during the signup is the same information that you will share during vaccination process. For example, if you are using your passport during the signup, make sure you carry it during the vaccination and vice versa.

Now that you have been vaccinated, it’s time to sign up in the MOH portal and get your vaccination certificate.

However, before you begin, ensure you have the following documents and items.

  1. Your national identity (ID) card
  2. Your Passport
  3. Alien ID
  4. Your mobile phone
  5. A computer
  • Open the Chrome browser (or whichever browser you’re currently using)
  • Open the MOH Chanjo sign-up page on portal.health.go.ke
  • Indicate that you have been vaccinated or not
  • Enter ID type (National ID, passport, birth certificate, Alien ID, military ID, and NEMIS No)
  • ENTER your ID number,Followed by your email, phone number
  • Enter your password and confirm
  • Press “Sign up”

Now that you have successfully completed the Chanjo health registration for free, move to the next step, which is Login.

Chanjo Health-MOH Self Service Portal Login

  • Creating an account wasn’t that tiresome. Ten minutes should be the maximum. Let’s log in and see how the account looks like
  • Proceed to the MOH Chanjo portal
  • Log in using your ID number and enter your password.
moh chanjo portal login
  • Update any details that had not been updated.

Job well done, simple, isn’t it?

Kenya Health Portal Vaccine Registration

Before you can download your vaccination certificate, you’ll have to be fully vaccinated. i.e., if you take a Johnson & Johnson vaccine, one dose is enough, but for Astra Zeneca and Moderna, you’ll have to take 2 doses to be fully vaccinated.

But where do you get vaccinated? I’m glad you asked. Pretty straightforward. Let’s see how.

  • Proceed to your computer and open chrome
  • Open the health portal link portal.health.go.ke/chanjo
  • Navigate to the vaccination facilities
  • Select your county, sub-county, and ward
  • Then view the vaccination centres near you.
  • Alternatively, you can visit any public hospital in your county and get vaccinated. (make sure your name is recorded)

After you have been vaccinated, you’ll receive a text message informing you that you have been vaccinated. Now you can view and download your Vaccination certificate online.

Download Vaccination Certificate Free on Kenya Health Portal

  • After you’ve logged in, proceed to download your vaccination certificate
  • If your certificate is not yet available, visit the health centre where you received your COVID Jab
  • Your MOH Chanjo certificate will be available for download if you have taken the vaccine.
  • Download and print or save it in your email or drop box

Note that the vaccine is meant to boost your immunity should you contract the covid 19 virus. In addition, vaccine side effects vary from one individual to another. Take care and wear your face mask when visiting public spaces.

It is your responsibility as a law-abiding citizen to follow the rules and protocols laid out by the ministry of health. Let’s make it a collective responsibility to protect one another. For similar articles, Go to our health section

Related Questions and Answers

What is Chanjo Health portal?

MOH Chanjo Health portal is a dedicated website for online services related to COVID 19 vaccination. The services include registering for vaccines, viewing the vaccination schedule, downloading certificates etc.

How to take benefit of the services?

To take benefit of the services, you must first get registered at the portal. So, the first step is signing up at the chanjo website.

What information is to be required to download the vaccination certificate?

To download the certificate one must login to the account. There you can see the vaccination history and download the vaccination certificate.

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