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NHIF Registration 2022-Apply Online For NHIF Card, Login

Every citizen on Kenya must go through NHIF registration process to be a part of National Hospital Insurance Fund program. If you are not a beneficiary yet, this article is going to help you to get your NHIF Card. Let’s get started.

Lady luck knocks once. What about bad luck? It happens to everyone. Good news right here, I’ll show you how to solve bad luck that comes to knock your health. NHIF (National Hospital Insurance Fund) is the best solution for tackling issues concerning your health and that of your dependents.

Hopefully, you will be on the safer side with the NHIF card. This article will show you how to register for NHIF online and log in to the portal. Let’s dive in.

NHIF Online Registration – How to Obtain your Card

Before we move on and share the registration process, you must know what documents or information is required. Once you have all that handy, you may proceed with sign up process. nhif registration online process is quite simple, it will take few minutes of your time.

Required Documents for Registration on NHIF Portal

To register for an NHIF card online, first, you’ll need the following

  1. Your Kenyan ID card or passport (scanned)
  2. Your passport photo
  3. Marriage certificate/sworn affidavit
  4. Birth certificates of dependents

Make sure you have a desktop, laptop or smartphone with stable internet connection to ensure registration process takes place smoothly.

For foreign students, be ready with:

  1. Your travel passport
  2. Passport size photo

NHIF registration for self-employed

  • Once you have these items, you’re ready. Let’s begin
  • Open the NHIF website portal (use chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Proceed to NHIF registration
NHIF new user register button
  • Locate the radio button at the top right
  • Select self-employed

Once the form opens :

  • Enter identification type
  • Enter identification number
  • Your first name
  • Your other names
  • Enter the date of birth (Year/Month/Day Format)
  • Select your gender
  • Enter marital status
  • Enter the postal address (followed by postal code)
  • Enter town and email
  • Enter mobile number
  • Enter county of residence
  • Enter the nearest NHIF branch office (this is where you will collect your NHIF card)
  • Attach your identification document (jpg, jpeg, or Pdf)
  • Attach your passport photo (jpeg format only)
  • Click to confirm
  • You will receive a prompt that your submission is successful
  • Your NHIF number will also be displayed together with the payment method (M-PESA pay bill)
  • You will then be asked whether to add other dependents (click yes or No)

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Employee NHIF Registration Process

  • Open the NHIF website portal (use chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Proceed to NHIF registration
  • Locate the radio button at the top right
  • Select employee
  • Enter employer code (employer will provide)
  • Enter employer name
  • Enter employer KRA Pin
  • Enter identification type (Kenyan ID or Alien ID)
  • Enter identification number
  • Enter first name (followed by other names)
  • Select date of birth (Year/Month/Day Format)
  • Enter your gender
  • Enter marital status
  • Enter the postal address (followed by postal code and town)
  • Enter email address
  • Enter mobile number
  • Select county of residence
  1. Select your nearest NHIF branch
  2. Attach your identification document (Jpg or Pdf format)
  3. Attach your passport photo
  • Click to confirm
  • Your NHIF number will be displayed (print or write it down)

How Employers Can register for Kenya National Hospital Insurance Fund

Below is the nhif registration process for employers. If you are one, follow these steps:

  • Open the NHIF website portal (use chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  • Proceed to NHIF registration
  • Locate the radio button at the top right
  • Select employer
  • Enter registration number
  • Enter organization name
  • Enter KRA pin
  • Enter Postal address (code and town)
  • Enter telephone number
  • Enter email address
  • Enter the road (where the business is located)
  • Enter building/floor/room number
  • Enter business type
  • Enter sector
  • Enter category (followed by sub-category)
  • Enter county
  1. Select the nearest NHIF branch
  2. Attach registration certificate
  3. Attach KRA Pin
  4. Click to confirm

Once done, your business/ company is already registered. You will receive an employer code that employees will use to register for NHIF cards.

How to Get your NHIF Card

After the successful nhif registration and application approval, you are entitled for NHIF Card.

Please note that after the application, you can expect your card to be ready within a month.

If you haven’t collected your NHIF card yet and wondering if you still have to go back where you did your registration? Kindly note that you can pick your NHIF card at any NHIF office or Huduma Center near you. So, what are you waiting for, get yours now.

NHIF Login

After successful registration, you may login to your account to check your dashboard and go through all the available features. Here is the process:

  • Proceed to the NHIF portal
  • Click on “Select Hospital”
  • You will be redirected to the NHIF “Self Care portal.”
  • Enter your ID number
  • Click on “Continue”
  • An OTP will be sent to the number you registered with on the NHIF portal
  • Enter the Pin (and verify)
  • You will then access the portal.
  • You will view your Data summary.
  • You can change your preferred medical facility.
  • You can also view your penalties and when you last made payments to NHIF.

Logged in users can check nhif outpatient registration information and other related data.

NHIF subscription Payment via M-PESA

To pay for NHIF through M-PESA, follow the following simple steps

  • Launch M-PESA
  • Go to “pay bill.”
  • Enter the business number (200222 for NHIF)
  • Enter your account number (your ID number)
  • Enter amount (monthly is Ksh 500 for self-employed people)
  • Enter M-PESA pin
  • You will receive an SMS confirming your NHIF payments.
Recovering Lost NHIF Number

In case you forgot your NHIF number or your card gets lost. Don’t sweat it out. We are here to help. Follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your phone messaging
  2. Compose an SMS
  3. Type ID followed by your ID number (e.g., ID10101212)
  4. Send the message to 21101
  5. You will receive your NHIF number via an SMS


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NHIF Latest Updates

NHIF Service Covers
  • Inpatient service cover
  • Outpatient service cover
  • Civil Servants schemes cover
  • Linda Mama service cover
  • NHIF Supa cover

How to Contact NHIF – Helpline Options

Phone Contacts:(020) 272 3246, 020) 272 3281/2, (020) 272 3290 OR 020 2723255
Official website
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As always, the ball is in your court. As you can see the process is quite simple; following the step-by-step guide will be easy peasy. Tell us your NHIF experience in our comment section. If the process is a bit challenging, tell us, and we will offer our assistance where we can

NHIF Registration FAQS

Can I register for NHIF online?

Yes, using the online facility offered at NHIF portal, you can easily sign up.

What are the requirements for registration?

Depending on your registration type (Individual, employer, employee), you need to provide certain documents (explained in article).

Can i alter the nhif hospital selection?

You can easily make changes once you are logged in into the account.

What is NHIF Selfcare?

NHIF Selfcare allows members to access various other facilities online.

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