How to Activate I Tried Calling Safaricom

How to Activate “I Tried Calling” Service on Safaricom

Have you been toiling hard on how to activate I tried calling Safaricom service. Actually, many users don’t know how to activate and deactivate the service. The service allows you to forward your calls to a particular number when you’re out of reach.

In a world of technology, you can’t afford to be offline and not get notified about it. The world has become a global village and you could be one phone call away from wealth or poverty. For this reason, Safaricom PLC introduced a service to ensure that you get notified when someone calls you when offline.

Safaricom has over 46 million subscribers who rely on their services to communicate and transact money. Safaricom uses the special I tried calling you feature among its subscribers only. If you want to use this feature, you will have to buy and register a Safaricom SIM card.

Here are some of the ways on how to activate I tried calling Safaricom

How to Activate I Tried Calling Safaricom

The Safaricom I tried calling you feature is efficient and fantastic. First, it keeps the caller and the receiver informed.

When someone tries to call you and you’re unreachable, the service informs the caller you are unreachable.

Subsequently, it informs the caller you’re back on service once you switch on your phone. Additionally, you also get a message that the caller tried to reach you but you were not available.

Activating I tried calling you service

  1. Dial *62*0722122#
  2. Dial the call button
  3. A “service activated” will pop up to indicate that you’re good to go

If at any time you need to deactivate the service, do the following:

  1. Dial ##62#
  2. A “service deactivated” notification will pop up to indicate your process is successful.

How to activate a missed call alert

Missed call alert when your phone is ON but you don’t want the disturbance or you are in a meeting. It’s very different from I tried calling you.

What happens in this service is that you block everyone trying to call you. They can still message you but calls won’t go through.

Here is how to activate the service:

  1. Dial **21*0722199199
  2. Hit the dial button
  3. A “service activated” notification will pop up

To deactivate the service do the following:

  1. Dial ##21#
  2. The service will be deactivated


Now that you know how to activate I tried calling Safaricom, ensure you use it wisely. Don’t lose another chance because you were unreachable over the phone and didn’t get the notification.

The Safaricom I tried calling you feature goes both ways to notify the caller and the receiver. The caller gets a notification that the number they tried calling is back in service while the receiver gets a message that the receiver tried to contact them at a particular time.

The service is meant to simplify communication and make it efficient. It’s so simple that you only need 30 seconds to activate I tried calling you service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I activate a missed call alert?

To activate a missed call alert dial *62*0722122#. This service works on Safaricom SIM cards only.

How do I know someone tried to call me?

You have to activate a missed call alert to know when someone tried to call you. The service works when your number is out of reach or there are network problems.

How do I activate call waiting on Safaricom?

You can activate the service through the settings or use the simple USSD code **62*0722188188#

How do I turn off missed call alert on Safaricom?

To deactivate or turn off the missed call alert on the Safaricom SIM card simply dial ##62#

Which number is this 0722188188?

0722188188 is used to activate call notifications. On the other hand, 0722199199 is used to divert calls to voicemail.

How do I deactivate * 21 * 0722199199?

Dial ##21# to deactivate the service. To reactivate the service back, simply dial **21*0722199199#

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