How to divert calls and get notifications on Safaricom

How to divert calls and get notifications on Safaricom

There are several ways how to divert calls and get notifications on Safaricom.  Sometimes, endless calls can be annoying especially if you’re in a meeting or held in a job. Instead of ignoring calls, you can divert them and get notified of everyone who tried to call you when you’re done.

Safaricom PLC launched the service to enable its subscribers to divert calls to their dedicated voicemail. Additionally, you can also block annoying calls from spammy and unknown numbers.

In this article, we will guide you on how to divert the call to the Safaricom voicemail and get an SMS notification if someone tries to contact you.

Step on how to divert calls and get notifications on Safaricom

On your Safaricom number, you can use different methods and USSD codes to activate the divert calls service. Some of the methods starting with the popular ones include:

Method 1: **21* USSD code

  1. Head to your dial pad
  2. Dial **21*0722199199#
  3. You will get a popup notification from Safaricom showing that your call-forwarding service has been successful

Safaricom PLC dedicated the number 0722199199 as a voicemail number for all the call diverts. Once you divert all the calls here, you will always get a notification when someone tries to contact you.

To remove the call divert service on your number, simply dial ##21# and the call divert will be disabled

How to divert calls and get notifications on Safaricom

Method 2: Call settings

  1. Head over to the settings and click on call settings
  2. Choose call forwarding and divert calls when busy
  3. Enter the number you want the calls to be redirected (0722199199)
  4. When you choose to divert your calls when unreachable, they will all be diverted to 0722188188

Method 3: Third-party apps

You can also use third-party apps from the App Store and Play Store to divert your calls

  1. Download load “Call Forwarding App
  2. Enter your phone number to activate the app
  3. Divert your calls
  4. You get a notification of any number that tries to call you


Now that you know how to divert calls and get notifications on Safaricom, ensure you activate the service and get notified when someone tries to call you.

The service works even when you’re offline or in an area without network coverage. Whenever you want to deactivate the voicemail service, you can always refer to our steps on deactivating it.

As Safaricom continues to create other services for its subscribers, we will notify you in case a better call-diverting service is launched. For now, enjoy the service available for only Safaricom SIM cardholders only.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does * 21 * 0722199199 do?

It diverts calls to a Voicemail service managed by Safaricom. Once you have activated the “You attempted to call me ” service, you will get call notifications if a number tries to contact you.

How do I block incoming calls but get notifications?

There are several ways you can block incoming calls. First, you can use do not disturb mode to silence calls. Second, you can turn on flight mode to block all calls and get notified once you switch off the flight mode. Lastly, you can divert using Safaricom`s *21*0722199199# service.

How do I divert calls and messages on Safaricom?

To divert calls and messages using a Safaricom number, dial *620*0722122# to divert to the official voicemail service of Safaricom. To divert to another phone number, dial *620*phone number# (*620*0700123456)

How do you know if someone tried to call you?

To know if someone tried calling your number, you will have to activate Safaricom`s voicemail service. When your phone is off and you want to get notifications dial **62*0722122#

How do I forward calls and get notifications?

To forward all calls, go to your phone settings, select call settings, proceed to call forwarding, and divert calls to Safaricom`s voicemail number

What does *# 62 do in Safaricom?

Dialing *#62# USSD code informs you whether you have been enrolled in Safaricom`s call-forwarding service

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