How to Find KPLC Meter Number

Crucial Know-How: Finding KPLC Meter Number

Sometimes it can be hard and tiresome to try to figure out how to find KPLC meter number. It happens in most cases where you have moved to a new house or you haven’t saved your meter number.

KPLC has connected power to over 9 million households in Kenya. It is the only monopoly when it comes to power supply and distribution in the country.

In the 2023 financial year, KPLC collected revenue of Ksh 190.98 billion by selling 9,566 GWh of power. Out of the sales made, the company made a profit of Ksh 19.21 billion, 10% of the total sales.

Amazingly, Kenya Power invests money back into its systems. The introduction of smart meters curbed cartels in the sector and increased efficiency in its service delivery.

If you have a prepaid meter and have forgotten the meter number, the article clearly illustrates how you can retrieve the number in simple steps.

Steps on How to Find KPLC Meter Number

Finding your meter number takes less than 60 seconds. The shortcuts were introduced by KPLC to ensure its customers access the meter number easily when buying pre-paid meter tokens.

There are five popular KPLC meters you will come across. They include:

  1. HEXING – to retrieve the meter number, dial 804 and press either # or enter.
  2. ACTARIS – retrieve the meter number by dialing 100 and then # or enter
  3. SHENZEN – to get your meter number, dial 65 followed by # or enter.
  4. CIU-PLC – press 75# to retrieve your meter number
  5. CONLOG – The meter is popular and you should get the meter number by dialing #100 followed by another # or enter

For other meters that don’t fall in either of these categories, you can retrieve the meter number by dialing 00#, 100#, or 000#.

You can also use the USSD code *977# but it attracts airtime charges

How to Find KPLC Meter Number

KPLC contacts

In case you have any problem with your meter number or regular blackouts, don’t hesitate to call KPLC through:

  1. Telephone number: +254 20320 1000
  2. USSD *977#
  3. National contact Centre: 0703 070 707, 0732 170 170 or 97771
  4. Email address:

For power outages and hanging or fallen live wires, contact KPLC at 97771


Now that you know how to find KPLC meter number, ensure you share the knowledge with others. You can also save the steps on your phone or Google account. If you come across a meter that is different from yours, refer to the meter type and dial the codes.

KPLC strives to ensure that you’re supplied with uninterrupted electricity. On your end, you’re only required to pay for the pre-paid bill and retrieve the meter number whenever it gets lost or tampered with.

Additionally, there’s also a code for changing your meter token number to someone’s else. The method is extremely dangerous and may damage your meter for good. Please don’t attempt it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I find my Meter number?

There are several ways to find your KPLC meter number. It all depends on the type of meter. For the Shenzhen meter, you dial 65 and press enter. For ACTARIS, you dial 100 and press # or enter.        

How do I get a KPLC meter?

To get your KPLC meter, you will have to apply online, pay the due amount, and finally sign the supply contract. KPLC will visit the site of installation with installation materials

How do I reset my KPLC prepaid meter?

To reset your KPLC meter, press 00 followed by # or enter. The enter button is the blue one with a curved arrow. In some prepaid meters, 00 will display your meter number.

What is the USSD code for KPLC?

The KPLC USSD is *977#.  It allows you to track your bought tokens among other services. However, the USSD isn’t free and you will have to top up airtime to use the service.

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