How to Join Athletics in Kenya

Joining the Athletics Scene in Kenya: Step-by-Step

If you enjoy sports, you should be learning how to join athletics in Kenya. Athletics is so popular in Kenya that children as young as six years old start exercising and competing in races at their schools.

Kenya has over 100 medals in the international competition. As a country, we do well in athletics such that the outside thinks that all Kenyans are runners. Getting a spot to represent Kenya in Athletics is competitive and requires reinforced training physically and mentally.

If your dream is to join Athletics in Kenya, we have outlined the requirements and steps to take in this article.

How to join Athletics in Kenya

Before you begin the Application to join Athletics in Kenya, there are a few documents you will need, and this is a must for every athlete. You can apply to get the documentation first, and then proceed to the application stage.


Some of the requirements set out by Athletics Kenya include:

  1. Passport photo
  2. National ID card
  3. Birth certificate
  4. Valid Kenyan passport
  5. Telephone number
  6. Email address
  7. Physical address
  8. Parent’s details
  9. Next of kin details
  10. Coach and manager details
  11. Club details
  12. Your track performance details

If you have all the above-mentioned requirements, you can proceed to apply using the registration form

How to Join Athletics in Kenya
  1. Access the registration form from Athletics Kenya, the governing body of Athletics in Kenya
  2. Fill out the form correctly and attach photocopies of the documents attached
  3. Present the filled and signed form at Athletics Kenya.
  4. You can fill out the form with your coach and manager to avoid any confusion and errors during the submission.

Please NOTE that not all registration requests are accepted, as an athlete you will have to undergo drug tests and other tests to prove can you can run a race without any troubles.

Contact Athletics Kenya

If you have more questions on how to join athletics in Kenya, you can contact them. You can visit their offices physically at Riadha House in Nairobi West. Additionally, you can write them an email at or call them through +254 206 005 021 and +254 736 747 217.

The best way to contact them would be to visit their offices but if you’re far from Nairobi, you can call them.


After learning how to join Athletics in Kenya, ensure you register and join as soon as possible. Remember Athletics is competitive in Kenya and the faster you join the more you have chances of representing our country in international races.

Additionally, shortcuts don’t win races, ensure you’re clean and stay away from boosters that will get you banned for doping.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many medals did Kenya win in World Championship 2023?

Kenya had a total of 10 medals in the 2023 World Championship

How many medals does Kenya have in Budapest 2023?

Kenya completed the 2023 Budapest championship with 10 medals (3 gold, 4 silver, 3 bronze)

Who was the first gold medalist in Kenya?

Nabiba Naftali Temu was the first Kenyan gold medalist at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico. He won the 10,000 metres race. He was born in 1945 and died in 2003 at the age of 57 years.

How much do Kenyan Olympians get paid?

Kenyan Olympians are appreciated for carrying the country’s pride to the outside world. Typically, gold medalists get $10,000, Silver medalists get $7,500 and Bronze medalists get $5,000.

Which body governs athletics in Kenya?

Athletics Kenya (AK) is the governing body of athletics in Kenya. It is headquartered at Riadha House, Nairobi.

What is the highest governing body in athletics?

World Athletics (WA) founded in 1912 is the international governing body of athletics.

Who is the director of Athletics Kenya?

J.K. Tuwei is the President and head of Athletics Kenya

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