How to Remove Skiza Tune

How to Get Rid of Skiza Tune – Simple Steps to Remove It

Have you been wondering how to remove Skiza tune? Well, the process takes less than 3 minutes and you’re done. Safaricom introduced Skiza tunes so that subscribers could set up their favorite songs as Skiza tunes.

Additionally, artists also get loyalties when subscribers use their Skiza tunes. When you set up a Skiza tune, your callers are able to listen to your favorite song or message customized as a voicemail.

Sometimes, the Skiza tune gets old or boring and you may want to remove it and replace it with another one. This article outlines the steps to follow when removing a Skiza tune.

Steps on how to remove Skiza tune

There are two methods you can use to remove your Skiza tunes. Both methods are easy and straightforward. They include:

Method 1: without Skiza code

The method is for people who have forgotten their Skiza tune codes

  1. Dial *811#
  2. Choose “Manage my Tune”
  3. Choose Skiza tune
  4. Select the number corresponding to the Skiza tune you want to remove
  5. Click “delete”
  6. Follow the same procedure for all the Skiza tunes that you have forgotten the code.

Method 2: With the Skiza code

This method when you have the Skiza code with you.

  1. Go to your messages
  2. Compose a message (DELETE skiza code, e.g. DELETE2356)
  3. Send to 811
  4. Safaricom will send you a confirmation message of the successful removal of the Skiza tune
  5. Repeat the same procedure for the other subscribed Skiza tunes
How to Remove Skiza Tune

Terms of Skiza tunes

  1. You can only purchase a maximum of ten Skiza tunes
  2. You can be able to customize Skiza tunes depending on your callers when you purchase the ten Skiza tunes
  3. Each caller will listen to your subscribed Skiza tune
  4. Skiza tune payments will be deducted from your airtime at a rate of Ksh 1 to 1.5.

How to earn from Skiza tunes

If you are a creative or an artist with recorded songs, you can easily earn from the Skiza tunes.

Follow the steps below to start earning

  1. Contact Skiza tune providers which include Skiza na nation, define media solutions, Ziiki melody, blue water group, and interactive media among many others
  2. Visit the Skiza tune providers. The visit is meant to confirm their terms, your recorded music, and any infringement of music rights.
  3. Sign a contract. After meeting with the providers, it’s time to sign a contract to start earning.
  4. Wait for your Skiza code and share it with your followers


Now that you know how to remove Skiza tune, ensure you also remove excess Skiza tunes that you no longer need. Safaricom allows you to subscribe to up to 10 Skiza tunes which might cost you up to Ksh 15 per day and Ksh 450 per month.

To be on the safer side and ensure your Skiza tunes auto-renew, always have enough credit on your phone, a minimum of Ksh 100 is sufficient to run your Skiza tunes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you check out your subscribed Skiza tunes?

To check your subscribed Skiza tunes, dial *811# and then proceed to “Manage Active tunes”. You will be able to see all the Skiza tunes you have subscribed to.

How do you set a song as a Skiza tune?

Dial *811# and enter the Skiza code of your preferred song. Normal Skiza tune rates will apply

How do you make money with Skiza tunes?

If you’re an artist, contact Safaricom, arrange a meeting, sign the contract, and wait for your Skiza code to be released.

How do I unsubscribe from Safaricom subscriptions?

To unsubscribe from Safaricom subscriptions, dial *456# proceed to option 9 which is “stop” and unsubscribe from your current subscriptions.

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