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Kithure Kindiki Biography, Wife, Family, and Net Worth

Kithure Kindiki made several assurances to Kenyans early this week. As a cabinet secretary for the interior, he oversees the security and administration of services in Kenya. He promised that he would solve the issue of passport and National ID issuance and tame bandits in West Pokot.

Mid-last year, Kindiki made the same promises and we saw the issuance of passports gather momentum. Somewhere along the way, cartels got hold of Nyayo house and passports stopped being issued.

National ID issuance has also faced the same fate. IDs applied over three months ago haven’t been issued to their owners. 2 days ago, he also promised to tame illegal liquor in the country. Yesterday, he promised to flush bandits who killed a local MCA (Member of County Assembly)

Professor Kithure Kindiki has made many promises but Kenyans only want their security guaranteed and passports issued.

The government through NEA (National Employment Authority) has advertised over 10,000 foreign jobs for Kenyans. The only issue is there are no passports.

Will Kindiki fulfill the promises he made? Only time will tell. As a former Senator, he comes from a family of professors

Early Life and Career

Born Abraham Kithure Kindiki in 1972, he was raised around Tharaka Nithi County. He attended Lenana School for his O levels where he scored a C. Unsatisfied with the grade, he repeated at Tharaka Boys School for a better grade in KCSE.

He later joined Moi University and graduated with a Law Degree (LLB) in 1998. To further his education, he traveled all the way to South Africa to do a master’s in International Human Rights Law from the University of Pretoria in 2000.

Kindiki also graduated with an International Law Ph.D. from the same University in South Africa.

In 1999, he started his lecturing career at Moi University. He joined the University of Nairobi in 2004 where he was a senior Lecturer and head of the public law department. Through his hard work and dedication, he became an associate dean at the law department at Nairobi University.

Later on, Kindiki served under the late President Mwai Kibaki. He was a Secretary of National Cohesion where he did his job diligently. Little did he know that his political career was blossoming.

After Mwai Kibaki retired from politics in 2013, he quickly joined politics and was elected as the Senator of Tharaka Nithi County in 2013. As an elected Senator, Prof. Kindiki was also elected as the Senate majority during his term from 2013 – 2017.

Prof. Kindiki performed his duties diligently and was re-elected as a Senator again during the general elections of 2017. He was quickly elected as the deputy speaker of the Senate. In 2020, a motion was presented in the Senate to kick him out as the Deputy Speaker. 54 Senators voted him out and he lost his seat as the Deputy.

Now that Prof Kindiki had served his two terms, he was the favorite when William Ruto was choosing his deputy president. He lost the seat to Rigathi Gachagua and was instead given the Interior security docket.

Prof. Kindiki is a member of the following bodies:

  1. ACUNS (Academic Council on the United Nations System)
  2. IASFM (International Association on the Study of Forced Migration)
  3. LSK (Law Society of Kenya)
  4. ICJ-K (International Commission of Jurists, Kenya Chapter)

Kithure Kindiki Wife

Kithure Kindiki Wife isn’t known so much because she doesn’t appear so much in the limelight. Prof. Kindiki married Joyce Gatiiri in 2001. They have been married for over 23 years. Joyce works as a researcher and senior lecturer at Nairobi University in the Chemistry department.

kithure kindiki wife

Dr. Joyce Gatiiri is also highly educated like her husband. She has a degree, a master’s, and a PhD in Environmental Chemistry.

Kithure Kindiki Net Worth

Kithure Kindiki Net Worth is over Ksh 544 million as of 2024. During an interview with the parliamentary Committee in 2022, he said that his net worth at the time was Ksh 544 million.

At the time, he was an advocate of the high court and ran several SMEs. Breaking down his net worth, he said that land and buildings were around Ksh 165 million, bank deposits were Ksh 50 million and he had shares in 5 SACCOs.

As a Cabinet Secretary for the Interior, a powerful docket, his net worth has doubled if not tripled.

Kithure Kindiki Family

Kithure Kindiki family isn’t so much in the limelight. He is married to Joyce Gatiiri, a senior lecturer, and together they have been blessed with two children.

At one time, Prof. Kindiki mentioned that his father Daniel Kindiki is a reverend and came from a humble background.

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