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The advancement of technology has seen the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) automate its processes. This is primarily done to manage contracted professionals (CPs) across several areas with the sole aim of improving accountability and efficiency.

A computer system based at KNEC integrates several agencies and service providers in collecting, verifying, and reporting personnel and activities surrounding the administration of examinations (in this case, national examinations).

On the other hand, the contracted professional’s system (CP2) is a system that automates the management of employees recruited by KNEC to assist in supervising examinations.

The system’s primary responsibility is to make sure KNEC captures accurate, timely, and correct details of all employees involved in invigilation, supervision, and management of exams.

This article will show you how to register and log in to the KNEC CP2 portal easily. Let’s get started.

KNEC Registration 2023 – CP2 Portal Sign up

Before you begin the registration process, ensure you’re a contracted professional with KNEC and that you have the following documents.

  1. National ID
  2. KRA Pin
  3. NSSF card
  4. NHIF card
  5. Your bank information
  6. TSC number
  7. Academic certificates
  8. Next of kin details
  9. A computer
  10. Stable internet

Once you have the above details, let’s dive straight into the action.

  • Open the KNEC CP2 portal.
  • Proceed to “Create an account.”
  • Enter your registered phone number.
knec cp2 portal
  • Confirm by entering the same phone number.
  • Click on “Create an account.”
  • You will receive an SMS with log-in details (username and password).
knec create account
  • You will also get a prompt telling you that your log-in details have been forwarded to your phone number.
  • Enter the username and password
  • Log in

Next, update your personal information.

knec cp2 registration
  • Enter your full name.
  • Year of birth and gender (year of birth only, e.g., 1924)
  • Enter your ID number.
  • Enter your KRA Pin
  • Enter your NSSF number
  • Enter NHIF number
  • Finally, enter your working email address.

Next, it’s the bank details.

C:\Users\COMP 2\Pictures\KNEC\4.PNG
  • Enter bank name
  • Enter branch (where you first opened your account)
  • Enter account number

Highest qualifications

C:\Users\COMP 2\Pictures\KNEC\5.PNG
  • Select the level of study (Diploma, Degree, master’s)
  • Name of the institution where you schooled
  • The name of the course (e.g., teaching)
  • Period of study (1,2,34, or 5 years)

Current work station

C:\Users\COMP 2\Pictures\KNEC\6.PNG
  • Your employer (most likely TSC)
  • Employment number (can be your TSC or PF number)
  • Name of the institution where you work
  • Your job title
  • The date you commenced your work.
  • County and sub-county

Next of kin details

C:\Users\COMP 2\Pictures\KNEC\7.PNG
  • Next of kin’s full names
  • Telephone number
  • Relationship (parent, sibling, spouse)

You will receive a message congratulating you because “Your” profile has been accepted.

C:\Users\COMP 2\Pictures\KNEC\8.PNG

Please note that the KNEC CP 2 portal is not open for everyone. Only officers vetted by KNEC will be allowed to apply for the jobs on the portal.

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KNEC CP2 Login

After the successful registration at the portal, you may log in to the portal. Here is the login process

  • Enter your username and password and click on “Login”


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All this information is to make your application and log-in process fast and efficient. The positions available are pretty competitive. If you happen to get one, do your best to serve the KNEC entity.

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