KRA Returns

KRA Returns 2024: Avoid the Penalty

KRA returns should be done every year before the government financial year ends. Returns start as early as 1st January of every year up to June every year. If you applied for your KRA pin in 2023, you should file your return in 2024.

For people who have applied for a KRA pin in 2024, you will have to wait till January 2025 to file your returns.

As the government heads to the last quarter of its financial year, be prepared to file your return in 2024. Failure to file your returns on time attracts a penalty of Ksh 2,000 for every year that you haven’t declared your income.

This article explains how you can file your 2024 KRA returns on time and efficiently

How to File KRA Returns

Filing KRA returns requires your KRA PIN and password only. There are several types of returns such as:

  1. Individual income tax return
  2. Agency revenue returns
  3. Turnover tax return
  4. Advance tax return
  5. PAYE tax returns
  6. Capital gains tax returns
  7. Rental income tax returns
  8. Withholding tax returns
  9. Corporation tax returns
  10. Excise duty tax returns

For this article, we are going to work on individual income tax returns. For this type of return, you will need the following:

  • A computer or smartphone
  • Stable internet connection
  • Email address (Linked to the KRA pin)
  • Phone number (Linked to the KRA pin)

Once you have everything, proceed to the KRA portal

  1. Open KRA portal
  2. Enter your KRA pin or User ID
  3. Click Continue
  4. Enter your password
  5. Enter the correct the correct arithmetic to pass the security stamp
  6. Click log in
  7. Your KRA dashboard will open
  8. You can check if you have any penalties on your ledger tab just below the “Returns” tab.
  9. Hoover your mouse over the Returns tab and click on “File Nil Return”
  10. The type should be “Self”
  11. Select tax obligation to “Income Tax Resident” If you are a non-Kenyan working in Kenya, select “Income Tan Non-Resident”
  12. Click Next
  13. Submit
  14. Download your receipt

The Nil returns only works for people who are unemployed in Kenya.

how to file KRA returns

For employed people, you have to file using the e-returns by following the steps below:

  1. Hover over the “Returns” tab
  2. Click on “File Return”
  3. On the tax obligation select “Resident Individual”
  4. Click next
  5. Download the Excel form to fill in your details
  6. Open the Excel file
  7. Click “Enable Content” to enable Macros
  8. On Tab A, enter your PIN, date of return period, bank details, and Tax exemption certificate if you have one
  9. On Tab F, enter the PIN of the employer, the name, your gross pay, allowances, and any pension above Ksh 300,000
  10. On Tab M, enter your PAYE details such as taxable income, tax payable, and the PAYE deducted
  11. Proceed to Tab T where you’ll enter your pension contribution and personal relief
  12. After you’re done, click on “Validate”
  13. If there are any errors, the Excel form will display them.
  14. If there are no errors, the form will validate and save itself on documents
  15. Upload your file
  16. Tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  17. Click “submit”
  18. Download you receipt

Deadline for filing KRA returns

The deadline for filling KRA returns in 2024 is 30th June 2024. For rental income and company VAT, you will have to file every month to avoid penalties.

The penalty imposed by KRA if you don’t file returns on time will reflect on your ledger on 1st July 2024.

To avoid such penalties that affect you later on when purchasing properties, file your returns on time because it doesn’t cost you anything, just data and 10 minutes of your time.


If you haven’t done your KRA returns, this is the right time. Follow the steps above and you will be done within 10 minutes for the Nil returns and 30 minutes for the P9 returns.

KRA will also send reminders to your email so that you can file your returns on time. After you have filled out the returns, you can apply for your tax compliance certificate. NOTE that the certificate won’t be generated if you have pending penalties.

KRA Contacts

If you have problems with your account, you can contact KRA using the following contacts:

Tel:      +254 (020) 4999 999     

            +254 (020) 4998 000

Cell:     +254 (0711) 099 999


Additionally, you can visit their offices physically at Times Tower, opposite Haile Selassie Avenue and next to the Central Bank of Kenya.

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