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Hustler Fund Interest Calculator

This tool helps you to calculate the interest incurred on your Hustler Fund Loan. Those who haven’t applied for the Loan can also use this calculator to check the interest.

Provide the Loan amount and number of days, and you will have the details on the screen.

This calculator aligns with the terms and conditions of the hustler fund and calculates the payable amount depending on when you are planning to repay.

Hustler Fund Calculator

  1. If you plan to take a hustler fund loan, you can calculate the exact repayment amount.
  2. If you have already taken the loan, you can check how much you need to repay on that day.

For example, If you take Kshs 50,000 loan up to 14th Day, you will be charged an interest rate of 8% per annum. However, after the 14th day, i.e. from the 15th day, the interest will be calculated at 9.5% per annum.

With this calculator, you can be sure about the exact amount payable.


If you haven’t applied for Hustler Loan yet, Apply Now. If you need assistance with anything, you can use hustler fund contacts to get your queries resolved


Why do I need a hustler fund calculator?

The calculator can help you understand the interest payable as per the period of the loan. This way, you can know the repayment amount.

Is the interest rate fixed on Hustler fund loans?

No, the interest rate varies. For the first 14 days, you will be charged at the rate of 8% per annum. From the 15th day, it will be calculated at 9.5% per month.

Can one apply for more than one loan?

You become eligible for more loans if you timely repay the older ones.

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