Hustler Fund Contacts – Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp & Email

Everything you need to know about Hustler Fund contacts is enclosed in this article. In the event of an injury or any complaint, you can make use of these customer support options.

The Hustler fund gained immense popularity soon after its launch. Around 1.14 million people registered for it within 24 hours of launch. Clearly, there is a huge interest among the public.

As the number of Hustler fund beneficiaries is going to be in the millions, there has to be a proper system of customer support. This article is dedicated to sharing with you all the Hustler Fund contacts.

By the end of the article, you will have the details of Customer care numbers, Whatsapp support mobile numbers and respective email IDs in case you need any assistance with the Hustler fund.

Hustler Fund Contacts

There is confusion regarding Hustler fund customer care. People are not sure whom to contact. Shall they contact their operator i.e. Safaricom, Airtel or Telkom or the treasury or the involved bank?

contact hustler fund support

Let’s clear these doubts for once and all.

Let’s find out which authorities are involved in the Hustler Fund.

  1. The Telecom Operators i.e. Safaricom, Airtel & Telkom
  2. The Bank – KCB Bank
  3. The National Treasury

The Bank & Telecom operators under The National treasury of Kenya are the fundamental blocks of the Hustler Fund. Depending on your problem type, you can contact any of these.

Hustler Fund Contacts for Safaricom Users

If you are using the *254# code or the Hustler Fund Mini App by Safaricom, here is how you can contact the support

Prepaid Customers – Send an SMS to 100

Postpaid Customers – Send an SMS to 234

By Dialing *234#

On Twitter –

On Facebook –

Hustler fund Airtel Contacts

Call 100


Twitter –

Facebook –

Instagram –

Contact Options for Telkom Customers

Prepaid – Call 100

Postpaid – Call 200

Email –


Twitter :

Support from Bank

If for seek support from Bank related to your Hustler Fund account, you can use these contact options:


Helpline Numbers: +254 (20) 3270000, +254 (732) 187000,+254 (711) 087000

SMS: 22522

WhatsApp: +254 (711) 087087

Contact the Treasury

The Treasury has set up a dedicated website for hustler funds. You can access the portal – for detailed information. Here is how you can contact the national treasury for any assistance related to Hustler Funds.

Email –



What are the support options for hustler fund beneficiaries?

All the hustler fund beneficiaries can either call, Send an SMS, Send a WhatsApp message or even drop an email to log their queries.

What is the first step towards hustler fund-related complaints or enquiries?

First of all, contact your Telecom provider and log your issue. Wait for their resolution.

What if the customer is not satisfied with the operator’s resolution?

In that case, the customer can contact the treasury.

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  1. Loan good for hustlers fund but a problem with registeration son or daughter with phone registered with ID card not register for loan.

  2. Am Anthony mungai ,I have already cleared my loan but am still receiving messages from you people asking me to clear the same loan .
    Why ?

  3. I cleared my loan and today I borrowed it’s telling me I have a loan and it doesn’t reflect and when I go to the option of pay loan the results are I don’t have an existing loan why?

  4. Have been taking hustle fund, the amount is still the same. No increase I always pay on time. How does one get his/ her loan limit increased?

  5. Hi, I paid my last loan on time that was on 5th of this month which was also my due date now , have tried to borrow again but, the answer is ,I try after 30min since yesterday. What is going on ?

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