Mpesa Agent Commissions

Mpesa Agent Commissions Demystified: Maximizing Profits

Mpesa agent commissions are paid to Mpesa agent outlets across the county. The commission payments are initiated by Safaricom and paid according to how the agent worked.

Mpesa commissions are a source of income for many business people with agent shops. Mpesa agents in busy places like towns and CBDs (Central Business Districts) earn more commissions due to a high number of transactions every day.

If you’re looking forward to starting a Mpesa agent business, here is a guide to take you through every process, what you need, and how to increase your monthly Mpesa commissions.

Mpesa Commission Table/Chart

Mpesa agents earn two types of commissions which include:

  1. Commission for the deposit made
  2. Commission for successful withdrawal made

The Mpesa commission table/chart shows you the amount of money Mpesa agents earn as a commission after every successful transaction they make.

Once the commission is ready, Safaricom doesn’t deposit your money straight into your account. The commission is first disbursed to the Mpesa agent’s head office. The head office takes a cut of the commission (20 – 30%). The remainder of the commission is sent to you via the MMF account.

Mpesa Agent Commissions

Here is the 2024 Mpesa Deposit & Withdrawal Commission table

Mpesa commission for deposit

50 – 1004
101 – 5108
511 – 1,0109
1,011 – 1,51010
1,511 – 2,51011
2,511 – 3,51012
3,511 – 5,01014
5,011 – 7,51020
7,511 – 10,01028
10,011 – 15,01040
15,011 – 20,02055
20,021 – 25,02071
25,021- 30,02087
30,021 – 35,020103
35,021- 40,020119
40,021 – 45,020135
45,021- 50,020150
50,021 – 70,000190
70,001- 150,000190

Mpesa agent commission for withdrawal

TRANSACTIONCOMMISSION (Registered customers)COMMISSION (unregistered customers)
10 – 49N/AN/A
50 – 1005N/A
101- 50088
501 – 1,0001010
1,001 -1,5001212
1,501 – 2,5001515
2,501 – 3,5002020
3,501 – 5,0002525
5,001 – 7,5003030
7,501- 10,0003535
10,001 – 15,0004545
15,001 – 20,0006060
20,001 – 25,0006565
25,001 – 30,0007070
30,001 – 35,0007070
35,001 – 40,000100N/A
40,001 – 45,000150N/A
45,001 – 50,000180N/A
50,001- 150,000200N/A


Mpesa agent commissions help businesses keep running and hence circulate money in our economy. If you’re planning on setting up a Mpesa agent business, this is the right time. Mpesa has been making huge profits.

The commissions are paid through your MMF account. For people in high-traffic areas, the commission is usually high due to the high number of people doing daily transactions. A good example is the people who have Mpesa outlets in the CBD.

Don’t be left out of the Mpesa commissions, set up your business today and start earning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost to withdraw 100 from M-PESA?

Mpesa will charge you Ksh 11 to withdraw Ksh 100. The withdrawal amount increases to Ksh 29 for any amount from Ksh 101 to Ksh 2,500.

What is the maximum amount M-PESA can hold?

The CBK (Central Bank of Kenya) approved the wallet account of Mpesa to hold up to a maximum of Ksh 500,000.

How much can M-PESA receive in a day?

As an Mpesa registered user, you can only transact up to Ksh 500,000 for every 24 hours with a maximum of Ksh 250,000 per transaction.

Can I have two M-PESA accounts?

Yes, you can have two Mpesa accounts for different numbers. However, a single SIM card can never have two Mpesa accounts. Safaricom allows you to own up to two SIM cards.

Is M-PESA profitable in Kenya?

Mpesa alone contributed 42.1% of Safaricom’s total revenue in the first half of 2023. The business is profitable and keeps the money in circulation throughout the country.

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