NTTI student portal login

NTTI Student Portal Login – How to Register & Sign in

The NTTI student portal login page features a dynamic system where students are able to register, log in, and interact with their lecturers.

Nairobi Technical Training Institute (NTTI) dates its rich history back to 1951. It began as a modern high school for the Asian community. After independence in 1964, the institution opened doors for races with a sole focus on technical education.

Since then, NTTI has grown into a world-renowned TVET institution that develops highly skilled technical graduates.

If you would like to register or log in to the NTTI portal, we have prepared a step-by-step guide.

NTTI Student Portal Login Guide

You have two options to log in to the NTTI student portal

Student portal – off campus (when using another network, data bundles, or home Wi-Fi)

Student portal – on campus (when using the school Wi-Fi)

Head over to the NTTI student login portal

  1. Choose your preferred login method (on or off campus)
  2. Enter your username (student number)
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click Login

Your student portal dashboard will open

In case you’ve forgotten your password, you can request for a reset link to be sent to your registered email address.

How to register an account

On the same login page, you can create your account

  1. Click the “create an account link
  2. Select your role (student)
  3. Enter your admission number (from the KUCCPS website)
  4. Enter your password
  5. Confirm your password
  6. Click “Submit”
NTTI student portal login

Once you’re logged in, you will be able to access the following:

  • Fee status
  • Exam reports
  • Fee structure
  • Programmes
  • Exam card

If you didn’t use the KUCCPS website to apply to NTTI, you can register on their website

  1. Open the NTTI Admission management system
  2. Click on register
  3. Enter your surname
  4. Enter middle name and last name
  5. Enter your contact number
  6. Enter your email address
  7. Enter your full index number and choose the year you sat for the exam in the drop-down menu
  8. Choose your gender
  9. Enter your password
  10. Repeat your password
  11. Agree to the terms and conditions
  12. Click “Register”

Courses and Departments

NTTI has 54 programmes, 180 certified trainers, 1867 classes completed, and a total of 6,721 students enrolled.

If you’re not into technical courses, NTTI has other courses you can choose from. Some of the departments include:

  • Administration
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Business Studies
  • Electrical and Electronic
  • Entrepreneurship Education
  • Games and Sports
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Health and Applied Sciences
  • Industrial Liaisons Office
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Institutional Management
  • Liberal Studies
  • Library
  • Mechanical and Chemical Engineering
  • Research and Development

NTTI has the courses fit for everyone. If you’re more into the medical field, there are a number of courses you can undertake. If you’re into Psychology, there are counseling courses. In short, NTTI covers the passion of everyone at affordable rates.


The NTTI student portal login page has enabled many students to access lecturers and study materials from the comfort of their homes.

NTTI continues to foster change and inspire future generations with education. If you’re stuck anywhere on their website, reach them through their email address at or call them through Tel: 0721 233 394 or 020 803 4403.

If you would like to visit them physically, find them at Mogira Road, off Park Road. It is situated between Kariakor and Pangani Police Station along Ring Road Ngara.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I download my NTTI admission letter?

You can download the letter at the NTTI website or the KUCCPS website

How many students are in NTTI?

Currently, NTTI has 6,721 students

What is the minimum grade to join the Nairobi Technical Training Institute?

You’ll need a minimum of C- (minus) for Diploma courses and D (plain) for certificate and Artisan courses

Is NTTI private or public?

NTTI is a public TVET institution certified under ISO 9001:2015

Does NTTS have hostels?

No, NTTI doesn’t provide hostels for its students

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