p2 pill kenya

p2 pill Price in Kenya – Buy Postinor 2 Online

Postinor-2, also called the “morning-after pill,” is only used as an emergency method of birth control. It stops pregnancy if it is taken within 72 hours (3 days) of sexual activity without protection. It is not a regular method of birth control for a long time.

Kindly understand that Postinor-2 can’t stop an egg from implanting if it’s already been fertilised, so it’s useless in these cases. At this point, it’s important to note that even though “P2” is the most common birth control method in Kenya. Do understand that Postinor-2 does not prevent STDs, so wear a condom.

If your next period arrives on time, you’ll know the morning-after pill worked. The morning after pill delays ovulation, so residual sperm can’t fertilise an egg.

p2 pill Price in Kenya

The price of p2 pills in Kenya starts from Ksh 75 and may go up to Ksh 150. The price varies from brand to brand. So, the price of a p2 pill or Brand A could differ from Brand B.

p2 pill kenya

It is highly recommended to consult the doctor or pharmacist before you buy it.

Dosage: Normally, it is advised to take 2 pills once within 72 hours; it is more effective if used sooner.

Composition: Levonorgestrel with progestin and oestrogen.

Side Effects: Menstrual cycle alterations, breast pain/tenderness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, headache, and dizziness.

How to Buy p2 (Postinor) pill Online

Many online pharmacies sell p2 pills in Kenya. You can order it on their website or even through WhatsApp.

Websites selling p2 pills online in Kenya are – kasha.co.ke, dmrckenya, mydawa, pharmacy etc.

Go to the website, create an account and login. Then search for p2 pill, add to cart and specify the payment method to complete the process.


Can you bleed after taking p2?

It changes hormone levels, affecting your menstrual cycle. This can cause spotting between taking it and your next period. It can also start your period a week early or late.

Can the p2 pill fail?

Your emergency contraceptive pill won’t work if you have intercourse at or after ovulation. Also, If you have unprotected intercourse after taking the pill, it may not function.

Where to get p2 pill in Kenya?

You can buy it from the nearest pharmacy or even online.
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