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What exactly comes to your mind when you hear Ajira Digital Platform? Ajira is coined from a Swahili word that means employment. Unemployment is cancer among many young people. Most youths spend up to 7 years looking for a stable job.

The thought of being able to work and knowing there are no available jobs is daunting. When the COVID pandemic hit the world, many people lost their jobs. You would work online if you were lucky enough to retain your position. On the brighter side, the COVID-19 pandemic opened countless opportunities for youth to work online.

Ajira Digital saw the opportunity and assisted the youth through training and mentorship. Through the Ministry of Information, the Kenyan government came up with an idea to launch an initiative to curb youth unemployment. For this reason, Ajira Digital was established in 2016.

This article will explain all you need to know about the digital platform. Let’s dive in.

Ajira Digital

Ajira Digital seeks to empower up to one million youth in Kenya through online training and mentorship. There’s a big gap between skill demand in the market and unemployment among the youth. Ajira seeks to bridge this gap.

With a new techno city built in Kenya, the program aims to encourage multinational and local companies to create digital work and employ youth to chip in their skills.

Ajira Digital Program

The Ajira digital program has several objectives, which are:

  • Promote Kenya as a choice destination for digital work
  • Provide Kenyan youths with access to online work.
  • Provide learning and mentorship to the youth on digital work.
  • To raise awareness about digital work among the larger population, which is the youth.

Ajira Digital has also addressed the major components that hinder many youths from working online. They are:

Awareness: Knowing what you’re working with will build your confidence and trust while working online.

Education and skills: education taught in school is insufficient for youths to start working online. Ajira Digital offers the necessary education and skills to navigate the digital world efficiently.

Access to infrastructure: you can’t truly get the needed exposure without the necessary infrastructure. Several networking hubs offer unemployed youth practical skills and socializing among their peers. They include Kazi connect centres, innovation hubs, the Y254 TV channel, and studio Mashinani.

Access to dignified jobs: without access to dignified employment, you won’t make a positive impact on society. The new trainees need a role model to look up to. The Kenyan government has stepped in and vouched for Kenya as a digital hub for job opportunities.

The guiding principles of Ajira Kenya are:

Sustainability: The Ajira program looks to grow itself naturally and be self-sufficient.

Private sector first: The private sector employs the majority of the youth. Making it a priority ensures it opens up many opportunities for Kenya’s youth.

Boost our domestic economy: this will be done by promoting our local digital talents by giving the youth the necessary jobs suited to their skills.

Eliminate brokers: brokers slow down and hide opportunities for their selfish benefits. Eliminating them will generate more opportunities for young people.

Ajira Digital Training 2023


Ajira Digital seeks to train youths about online work in a one-week training. The training equips the trainees with soft skills, digital marketing, digital skills, and financial management. The program runs through five counties, namely: Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru, Meru, and Kisumu.

Furthermore, Ajira Digital trains experienced freelancers through a 2-day workshop. The training aims at scaling up their skills and developing their e-commerce businesses which will source for more online jobs.

The experienced online freelancers are expected to mentor the new freelancers (Newbies) and, whenever possible, provide them with jobs. The mentorship lasts for one month.

There are several professions that are offered during training. They include

  1. Content writing (writing articles and general content for websites)
  2. Transcription (listening to audios and typing the exact said words)
  3. Sales and marketing
  4. Software development and programming
  5. Data science and analytics
  6. Architecture and engineering
  7. Customer service and support
  8. Creative design, web design, and graphics design

After training, Ajira Digital will provide you with trusted sites to look for jobs, such as Upwork. It’s up to you to do thorough research and bid for jobs consistently.

Ajira digital training takes 2 to 7 days to complete. You will be issued a certificate after training. You’ll have to possess basic computer skills and a computer because you’ll be doing the jobs remotely in the comfort of your home.

f you receive an email indicating that you’re on the waiting list, be patient as there are no slots available at the moment. Ensure you can the required accessories during the training. If you don’t have a computer at the moment, feel free to work from a cyber café.

Ajira Kenya Registration Portal

The available slots are quite competitive. It’s always advised to register early and book your slots. Ensure you have the following items first

  • A working computer
  • Stable internet
  • A smartphone
  • Your personal details

To register for the program, follow the following procedure

  1. Launch your browser
  2. Proceed to the official website
  3. Click on “Register”
  4. Enter your first and last name as per the ID card
  5. Enter your National ID number
  6. Enter your mobile number and email address
  7. Type and retype your password
  8. Click on register
  9. Log in using your ID number
  10. Proceed to book your training
  11. Select the nearest training Centre in your respective county
  12. Continue and select your preferred class
  13. Book your class session
  14. You will receive your booking information from Ajira through the email address provided
  15. Print the detail and wait for your session to commence.

ajiradigital.go.ke Login

  • Head to the official webpage
  • Click on the “Login” option
  • Enter your username and password
  • You will be logged in successfully

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Ajira Digital Contact

You can visit the Ajira Digital program offices or communicate with them through the following contact information.

Physical location

Teleposta Towers, 10th Floor, Kenyatta Avenue, Nairobi

Email address


Mobile number

+254 20 4920000/1

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Ajira Digital


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Is Ajira Digital free to join?

To access the platform’s features, you need to register an account.

What age do you have to be to work for Ajira Digital?

The minimum Age should be 18.

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