UON Student Portal – New smis uonbi Login, password reset, Email

The Uon student portal allows you to access multiple online services. After smis uonbi login, you can discover available facilities and use the one you want.

University of Nairobi (UON) student portal enables the students to communicate with the universities’ management quickly and efficiently. The portal can is available at smis.uonbi.ac.ke.

UON Student Portal

This article will take you through the UON student portal and the features and quality of education at Nairobi University. Let’s get started.

The University of Nairobi student portal offers the following services to students:

1.Viewing your fee statement.

2. Booking of hostel

3. Timetables

4. Your course registration

5. Student ID application andstatus.s

6. Your general profile

7. Your clearance status

8.Caution refund

9.Academic tracking


UON Student Portal SMIS UONBI Login

To log in at the UON student portal, follow the procedure below

1. Launch your browser.

2. Open the SMIS portal at smis.uonbi.ac.ke

3. Enter your registration number

4. Enter your password

5. Click on the log in


How to Reset Password for UONBI Student Portal

To reset your password, you should have the following

·An official student email

·An active directory account

·Your smartphone

·A computer

·Stable internet

Once you have the item, proceed to the SMIS portal to reset your password

1. Enter your registration number

2.Enter your email.

3. Click “Submit”

4.You will receive an email from UONBI with a link to reset your password

5.Follow the instructions and reset your password


How to Get University of Nairobi Students Email

To get a student email, follow the process below.

·Visit the student portal at http://smis.uonbi.ac.ke.

·Proceed to “SMIS allocated registration number.”

·Enter your application reference number

·Click on “Get allocated registration number.”

·You will receive your registration number.

·Proceed to log in with the details and create your email address


About UON

University of Nairobi (UON) was founded in 1970 and established by cap 210 of the Acts of parliament. The university has by so far the best-ranking university in Kenya, with state-of-the-art establishments and pieces of equipment.


 A world-class university committed to scholarly excellence

Mission statement

To provide quality education to the people of Kenya that embodies their aspirations through preservation, creation, transmission, integration, and knowledge utilization.

Core values

1. Freedom of thought and expression

2. Innovativeness

3. Commitment

4. Trust

5. Care

6. Teamwork

 Institutes and Centers

1. Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies

2. Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology

3. Institute for Climate Change & Adaptation

4. Kenya Aids Vaccine Institute

5. Department of Anthropology, Gender & African Studies

6. Institute of Tropical and Infectious Diseases

7. East African Kidney Institute

8. Institute of Population Studies and Research

9. Institute of Diplomacy and International Studies

10. Institute for Development Studies

11. Confucius Institute

12. African Women’s Studies Centre

13. Centre for Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

14. Centre for Environmental Law and Policy

15. Centre for Translation and Interpretation

UON contacts

For Any comments, complaints, or inquiries, use any of the following contacts:

UON headquarters

Postal Address

30197 Nairobi


+254 – 20 491 0000

Facebook- @uonbi

Twitter –@uonbi

Instagram -@universityofnairobi

Undergraduate Admissions


 (+254-20) 491 0000

Email: admissions@uonbi.ac.ke

Graduate admissions

Postal Address

30197 00100, NAIROBI

Tel-020 491 0000

Email pg@uonbi.ac.ke/pg-admissions@uonbi.ac.ke

Faculty of Arts

Tel No: +254 204913205

Email: execdean-arts@uonbi.ac.ke

Faculty of Business

Tel No: +254 204919007


Dean Faculty of Agriculture

Tel No: +254 204916002

Email: execdean-fagric@uonbi.ac.ke

Faculty of Built Environment

Tel No: +254 204913529

Email: execdean-fbe@uonbi.ac.ke

Faculty of Education

Tel No: +254 204916502

Email: execdean-fed@uonbi.ac.ke

Dean Faculty of Engineering

Tel No: +254 204913503

Email: execdean-feng@uonbi.ac.ke

Faculty of Health Sciences
Tel No: +254 204915002

Email: execdean-fhs@uonbi.ac.ke

Executive Dean Faculty of Social Sciences

Tel No: +254 204913202


Faculty of Science & Technology

Tel No: +254 204914102


Dean Faculty of Law

Tel No: +254 204919508

Email: execdean-law@uonbi.ac.ke

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Tel No: +254 204916009

Email: execdean-vet@uonbi.ac.ke


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