Affiliate Marketing in Kenya – Top 5 Programs in 2023, Earn Online

If someone tells you, you can’t make money online, he/she certainly doesn’t know anything. We are in the times of AI (Artificial Intelligence), where every sector is leveraging its power to automate tasks and boost earnings.

This article covers the Topic “Affiliate Marketing in Kenya”. By the end of this article, you will have a good knowledge of affiliate marketing. You can then earn a steady income simply sitting at home. You can make a good chunk if you follow what I have mentioned later on in this article. Let’s get started.

Affiliate Marketing in Kenya

I am sure you might have heard about those MLM schemes where you had to get more people to join a particular scheme through you, and you get your benefit after they join. Most of these schemes are a scam, and I advise you to avoid such programs.

However, my point is that Affiliate marketing could be seen as somewhat like a referral program. But, unlike those MLM scams, affiliate marketing is powerful and legit business. You won’t believe how much an established affiliate marketer earns per day.

Affiliate marketing is the concept of promoting a product to potential buyers. You get your commission whenever the buyer purchases through your link (or referral). The commission is usually pre-decided and may vary.

I hope I am not confusing you. But before I tell you how to start with Affiliate marketing, I want to be 100% sure you understand the concept. To make my point more precise, I am explaining this with three examples:

Example 1: A company, “XYZ”, sells T-Shirts online. To boost sales, the company launches an affiliate program. They deploy an affiliate system on their website where interested people can join. It is mentioned in the Terms and conditions that for every sale made through their custom links, the affiliate marketers will get 5% of the total amount. So, if any person is able to sell 5 T-shirts and each one is priced at $5, he gets 5% of $25, which is $1.25.

Example 2: A Furniture Company “ABC” recently launched their e-commerce store. They launched their affiliate program and pay 5% commission for every sale. The price of their products varies from $30 to $4000. Suppose an affiliate marketer can sell a product worth $1200 through his/her link; he/she gets $60 (from a single product) directly in his/her bank account.

Example 3: An established company, “IJK”, offers a monthly subscription to their magazine for $25. The company is interested in acquiring more customers. So, they start an affiliate marketing program. Their offering is as follows:

  1. 5% of every subscription sale
  2. $0.5 for every signup

As you can see, in this case, things are slightly different. If any affiliate marketer is able to sell the subscription through their link, he gets 5% of the subscription amount. But even if he is not able to sell but able to get the user register on their website, he gets $0.5 for each signup. So, it’s a win, win situation.

I hope you get the idea here. Feel free to leave a comment if you still have any doubts.

Let’s now move away from the imaginary companies mentioned in the examples above and talk about some companies in Kenya with affiliate programs.

Requirements to Start Affiliate Marketing in Kenya

Be it Kenya or any other country, the requirements to start affiliate marketing are usually the same. Unlike other jobs, you are not asked to show your educational documents, experience etc.

If you can operate a smartphone, you can start affiliate marketing in Kenya.

Apart from that, there is one more critical requirement. To participate in the program, you must have an active account on social media (with a decent following) or a website. Mind that not every affiliate program accepts social media accounts/pages. However, almost all of them require an active website.

So, before you want to join the affiliate marketing business, you should create a website and spend some time daily working on it.

Once you have your website, you can mention its name while signing up and get approval. Once your affiliate account is approved, you can use the links on your website and social media platforms.

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Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs in Kenya

The beauty of online affiliate marketing is that you can be physically present anywhere but can promote the products to anyone around the globe. And your actual location doesn’t matter; you get the same commission.

For beginners, however, getting started with companies they might know is better. That’s why, in this section, I only mention the companies that do business in Kenya.

Jumia Kenya Affiliate

It will be hard to believe if you tell me you haven’t heard about Jumia yet. Even if you haven’t, that’s ok.

Jumia is the leading online retailer in Kenya. It was founded in May 2013 with the mission and vision of becoming the one-stop shop for retail in Kenya through the implementation of best practices online and offline. It was the first African company to win the world retail awards in 2013.

jumia kenya affiliate

Jumia offers almost anything you can think of. From groceries to sewing needles, people buy all sorts of things on this platform.

Jumia has an affiliate program known as Jumia KOL with attractive commissions.

How to Join Jumia Affiliate Program

  • Go to
  • Click on “Join Now”
jumia kol
  • This opens up the registration page, where you must provide your information.
sign up

Kindly understand that There are three types of account types, these are “Creator/Micro-Influencer”, “Mega-Influencer”, & “Affiliate.”

  • If you have at least 5k followers on social media, join as a “Creator/Micro-Influencer.”, If you have more than 100K followers, you can sign up as a “Mega Influencer”. Beginners who don’t have social media following can first set up a free website and join sign up for this program as an “Affiliate”.

Instok Technologies Affiliate Program


Instok Technologies is a relatively new online retailer in Kenya. They, too, offer various products online. This company is known for selling Home Appliances, Phones & Tablets, TV’s & Audio devices, Computers, Laptops etc.

How to Join Instok Affiliate Program in Kenya

Instok Affiliate Program offers an attractive standard commission rate of 5%. Here is how to join Instok Affiliate Program:

  • Go to
instok affiliate program
  • Click on “Continue” below the “New Affiliate” section
  • This opens the application form, where you need to provide the asked information
  • After you enter the details, click on the “Continue” Button
  • If everything went well, you should see this message:

Also, you will get an email too

  • You can then login into the website and start promoting the products.

Kalaful Affiliate Program

About Kalaful

The company Kalaful Decor started in 2017. On their website, they offer multiple decor products inspired by modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, and shabby chic design trends

Kalaful provides a wide range of trendy accessories and innovative designs to personalise your living space. Their collection consists of clocks, photo frames, cushions, candles, candle holders, and many other items.

Joining Kalaful Affiliate Program

Kalaful offers attractive 10% commissions for the product sold under their affiliate program. It is an excellent opportunity if you are interested in making money online in Kenya.

How to Join

  • Go to
  • Click on “Apply Now”
  • Now fill in the online application
kalaful affiliate marketing program
  • Enter the asked information and submit the information
  • After that, you can log in, create custom links and promote their products.

E-Mart Affiliate Program


E-mart offers Groceries, Beauty Products, Cooking Gas, Baby products, Pet Products and other supermarket items online. Recently, the company has started an online pharmacy too.

Affiliate Program:

E-mart is currently offering a standard commission rate of 5%. You can promote their products and make good money.

How to join E-Mart Kenya Affiliate Program

  • Go to
  • Click on the blue coloured “Continue” button
  • This opens up the application, and fill in the details asked.
E-mart kenya affiliate
  • After successful registration, you will see a confirmation on the screen and on your email too.

Once your account is approved, you can log into your affiliate account, create custom links, and earn.

Host Africa Affiliate Program


Host Africa is a renowned company offering Hosting services, Domain Name Registration, and SSL Certificates. Every day, more and more people are bringing their businesses online and need these services.

Host Africa provides these services worldwide but with a particular focus on Africans.

Suppose you refer to their web hosting packages, dedicated servers, VPSs, and cloud servers; you get compensated for each sale. Recurring payments provide residual income.

They provide a 5% commission on referrals.

How to be a Host Africa Affiliate

  • Go to this page –
  • Click on the “Sign up” button
  • Now, you are directed to another page, where you need to register an account on their website first.
host africa affiliate program
  • After your account is created, log in and apply for the affiliate program.
  • Once logged in, click the “Affiliates” link on the dashboard.
affiliate section
  • Then, Click on “Activate Affiliate Account”
activate affiliate account
  • After this, you can see your unique referral link. Use this link and share. Once anybody buys from your link, you will get an attractive commission.
affiliate referral link

List of Affiliate Marketing Programs in Kenya in 2023

ProgramJoining Link
Jumia KOLJoin Now
InstokJoin Now
KalafulSign up
E-MartJoin Now
Host AfricaRegister Now


What is affiliate marketing, and how does it work in Kenya?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy in which a company compensates its affiliates for each new consumer they acquire. Affiliates in Kenya earn a commission for promoting a company’s products or services and driving traffic to their website, just like in other countries.

What are the requirements to become an affiliate marketer in Kenya?

Anyone can become an affiliate marketer in Kenya. You only need a website or social media platform to promote a business’s products or services and draw traffic to their website. However, successful affiliate marketing requires dedication and hard work to develop a following and generate conversions.

What are some popular affiliate marketing networks in Kenya?

Some of Kenya’s famous and active affiliate marketing programs are Jumia KOL, Instok, Kalaful, E-Mark and Host Africa.

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing in Kenya has numerous advantages, including its low cost, increased traffic and sales, and ability to reach a larger audience. It is an excellent way for businesses to broaden their reach and for affiliates to earn additional revenue.

How much money can one make from affiliate marketing?

The exact amount depends on the affiliate program you have opted for and the number of sales you generate through your website or social media account.
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