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Prices of Tyres in Kenya – Best Tyre Brands 2024

Prices of tyres in Kenya have shot up since 2021. The pre-covid and post-covid prices differ by a wide margin.

If you have been on Kenyan roads for some time, you’ll attest that changing worn-out tyres might dent your pockets, especially the mid and high-end tyre brands.

Changing all four tyres at once may cost you between Ksh 30,000 and 500,000 depending on the tyre brand.

We have compiled for you the list of tyres available in Kenya and their respective prices.

Prices of Tyres in Kenya According To the Brand

Prices of tyres in Kenya are controlled by dollar fluctuation. Most of the tyres are imported and tend to get expensive when the dollar gains against our Kenyan shilling.

In Kenya, you don’t need to change your tyres during the winter or summer. We only experience two weather seasons unlike countries in Asia, America, or Europe which experience four seasons. One pair of tyres will take you throughout the year.

Here is a list of tyre brands and their prices:

High-end tyres

Bridgestone tyres have great grip and handling. They are expensive with size 14 starting at Ksh 11,000 and size 18 dueler retailing at Ksh 39,500.

There are five types of Bridgestone tyres which include:

NoTyre Name
  • Michelin tyres are one of the best-selling tyres in the world. Their quality is unmatched. Their retail price for a size 15 tyre starts at Ksh 17,750 while a size 21 will retail at Ksh 79,850. Like the various models of Bridgestone tyres mentioned above, Michelin too have various models.
  • Pirelli tyres that start at Ksh 14,500
Best tyres in Kenya

Mid-range tyres

  1. Maxxis tyres are reliable and prices start at Ksh 10,000 for size 15 while size 18 retails at Ksh 48,000.
  2. Goodyear tyres that retail from Ksh 9,000 for size 15 and Ksh 7,500 for size 14.
  3. Hankook tyres that retail at Ksh 13,250
  4. Yokohama tyres that retail at Ksh 9,800
  5. Kumho tyres are also mid-range with size 14 retailing at Ksh 9,950 and size 17 retailing at Ksh 14,950

Budget tyres

  1. Blackhawk tyres are budget-friendly. Size 13 starts at Ksh 5,500 while size 20 retails at Ksh 13,750.
  2. Nexen tyres retail at Ksh 6,250 for size 13 and size 17 retails at Ksh 12,950

Best Tyre Brands in Kenya in 2024

When evaluating the best tyre brands, you need to check their reliability. Unreliable tyres will slip during the rainy season, burst when overheated, and wear out unevenly.

Some tyre brands are highly priced but are not reliable and are of low quality. High pricing doesn’t insinuate that the tyre will be reliable or of high quality.

Some of the best tyre brands in Kenya are :

1MichelinVisit Now
2GoodyearVisit Now
3BridgestoneVisit Now
4BF Goodrich
11JK India
25Road Cruza

What to Look for While Buying Tyres

Here`s what to check when buying a reliable tyre:

  1. Good traction – Good traction offers a smooth ride during the sunny and rainy seasons. The tyres don’t slip off the road when they come into contact with a wet surface.
  2. Wheel type – All wheels are not compatible with every vehicle. A vehicle meant to carry heavy luggage can’t be fitted with SUVs or Sedan tyres. When purchasing a tyre, ensure you buy the right one to avoid slipping and bursting on the highway.
  3. Thread depth – The depth of the thread determines the tyres traction. A thread depth below 1milimetre should be on the drift circle, not on the highways. Deep threads help your vehicle to navigate well on wet surfaces.
  4. Tyre terrain type – When buying your tyres in Kenya, you’ll come through three types of tyre terrain type, all-terrain, highway terrain, and mud terrain.
  • All-terrain (A/T) offers hybrid driving where you can comfortably drive on city drives and do light off-roading.
  • Highway terrain tyres (H/T) are meant to handle the high speeds and handling of the highway. They have great traction on the tarmac and last longer when driven on the highways alone. These types of tyres may burst when driven in off-road conditions with rocks.
  • Mud terrain (M/T) – The tyres perform well in muddy conditions. They come with thick sidewalls that are hard to puncture and provide extra grip. You can use the tyres for off-road, especially during the rainy season.

Final Thoughts

Prices of tyres in Kenya may differ from one dealer to the other. However, the fact remains that they are the best, average, and bad tyres. When choosing the tyre type to buy, always keep in mind the conditions you’re going to drive your vehicle.

If you’re doing off-roading, choose a tyre with deep threads. If you’re always on the highway, high-traction tyres will be the best deal for you.

Make sure you use the brand’s Online dealer locator service to find the provider nearest to you.

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