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How to Book Galaxy Express Shuttle Service Online in Kenya

Booking Galaxy Express Shuttle service Online in Kenya can be a bit tricky, especially if you are not familiar with booking tickets online. This article helps the interested people in galaxy shuttle online booking.

About Galaxyexpress Kenya

Galaxy Express shuttle is a bus service that takes people from Western Kenya to Nairobi. In addition to transporting people and goods, they also rent out their vehicles to institutions in East Africa, mostly in Kenya. So, if you are interested in their services, you may book Galaxy Express Shuttle bus tickets online right away!

Galaxy Express shuttle is well-known because its bus service is safe, full, and on time.

In this article, we will explain a step-by-step guide on how to book Galaxy Express Shuttle service in Kenya and some useful resources that you might find useful if you have any further questions about booking a shuttle service in Kenya.

Galaxy Express Shuttle galaxyexpress.co.ke Online Booking

The official website for Galaxy Express Shuttle is https://galaxyexpress.co.ke/
One thing you will notice on the website is the ease of booking. To book your shuttle, simply fill in the form and select your desired destination from their list of locations.

Furthermore, to get a quote on the price for your trip, you just need to enter your desired date and time of travel along with how many passengers you would like to travel with.

If you have any further questions about booking Galaxy Express Shuttle service in Kenya, call their customer service number at 070355577.

 How to Book Galaxy Shuttle Service

  • Visit the Official Website galaxyexpress.co.ke
  • In the “Book your Trip” Section, Enter your Departure City, Destination and Departure Date
  • Then click on “Find to proceed”
  • Once you see the shuttle in the list, choose it and make the online payment and confirm it
  • Once your booking is done, you will receive an email to confirm your boo70king after which you will receive a phone call with further information about your hotel booking. You can also track your booking via their 24 hours customer service line.
  • Print out your confirmation email and make sure that you have your 10-digit code before going to the airport.

Galaxy Shuttle Service Helpline Kenya

For any query use the Galaxy Shuttle Service Helpline 0703555777 and 0703555888

This website provides a lot of useful information on booking a shuttle in Kenya as it has been doing this since 1999. You can contact them by phone or chat and they can help you book your shuttle service in Kenya online.

They will be able to guide you through the process of booking your shuttle service and send you links for all the relevant information about what’s needed for a successful board and everything else that may be required.
This website is really helpful when it comes to booking your shuttle service in Kenya, especially if you have any doubts about doing so or just need some additional advice on how to book your shuttle service in Kenya.

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Helpline Number0703555777 and 0703555888
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