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TSC Email Activation – Use this Link to Create Teachers Email ID & Login

TSC Email activation is one of the most commonly asked questions. This article guides you toward teachers’ email activation using the activation link. Once your TSC email ID is activated, you can go ahead, log in and start using it.

The Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) has not been left behind by the soaring technology that keeps evolving day and night. With the introduction of an e-platform where the virtual meeting will be held, remote learning, and official email for teachers stored, the commission has made a giant leap toward the realization of technology literacy in Kenya.

In addition, the e-platform is designed for TSC teachers and interns. If you do not have activated your email, then get ready to stay in darkness because that’s where official communication will be relayed.

For a deeper understanding of the whole TSC email activation, this article will take you step-by-step on the right procedure to follow so that you are not locked out. Shall we begin? Let’s roll.

How to activate TSC email online

Before you begin the process, have the following items ready:

  1. Your TSC number.
  2. Your phone
  3. National ID card
  4. Computer
  5. Stable internet
  6. TSC email address (you will have to use a 365 email address)

Good job if you have the above items. Now open your browser (any)

  • Open the TSC portal.
  • Enter “your TSC number”
  • Then click “Next.”
enter tsc number for activation
  • Enter your ID number, then verify it.
share id number
  • Complete the capture method and verify it.
verify captcha
  • Click on “view my credentials” (here is where you will get your email address and a password)
tsc email activation link
  • After that, your details will appear (your email and a temporary password provided by TSC).
login with temporary tsc password
  • Write the login credentials somewhere safe since they will be needed.
  • Log in at office.com
  • You will be directed to the TSC login page.
  • Enter your email address (the one provided by TSC previously) and press next.
signin to your tsc email account
  • Add another layer of security to your account by adding more information.
  • Enter your Kenyan phone number to receive a text message to verify.
add phone number
  • Enter the code sent to your phone
secure tsc email account
  • You have secured your account.
  • After verification, click “Next” to reset your password.
  • Enter the current password (the one sent on the portal).
update current password
  • Change your new password. That’s all

TSC Email Activation – First Login

  • Now that you have successfully created your TSC account
  • Sign in to access your 365 accounts

Make sure you follow email account protection guidelines to ensure nobody gets hands-on with your TSC email account.


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About TSC

The teacher’s service commission was officially established in 1967 and mandated to:

  • Register trained teachers
  • Recruit and employ TSC registered teachers
  • Assign TSC teachers to any public schools or institutions
  • Transfer and Promote teachers
  • Take disciplinary actions against teachers
  • Terminate the employment contracts of teachers
  • Review the current standards of education and the training of people entering the teaching industry.
  • Review the demand together with the supply of teachers
  • Advise the national government at large on matters that relate to the teaching profession

If you are employed by TSC, share your experience with us to motivate upcoming teachers. The experience might be the challenges faced. So how has the email activation process been so far? Should new teachers be worried?

I know Kenyans love the last-minute rush. Kindly activate your TSC email online; it’s a simple procedure that won’t take a lot of your time. Do it early and beat the last-minute rush.


Who is eligible to get TSC Email ID?

Teachers are given TSC official email IDs for official communication purposes.

What information is required to activate the TSC email?

The teacher needs to provide TSC number in order to proceed with the email activation.

How to secure your TSC email account?

Make sure you add your mobile number to your account and add a recover email. Never share your password with anyone and avoid using public computers.

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