good luck wishes for exams

Good Luck Wishes for Exam – Success Messages & Prayers

As the exam season has arrived, you must wish success to your children or near and dear ones. Success messages and prayers boost the confidence of exam takers. If you are not certain how to properly wish good luck for exams, I have prepared a complete list that will help you out. Let’s get started.

Success Messages for Exams

good luck wishes for exams

As you know KNEC has started taking examinations. So as a parent, relative or friend you must wish success to children going for exams.

Hard work is the only key to success but our prayers also play an important role. Don’t forget to convey your Best wishes and prayers.

Exam Success Wishes and Prayers for Daughter

Dear Daughter, Wishing you success in your exams. May good luck be in your favour, and your preparation brings desired outcomes. All the best Dear!

Even the most difficult exam will be easy if you remain calm. Be optimistic and active. Best wishes for your tests!

Dear Daughter, You have prepared diligently for your exams. So, offer your best effort. Remain calm and optimistic. Put your trust in God. Best wishes for your tests!

May your exam go well, and may you receive the highest scores. Have confidence in yourself and give your all. Good luck!

Best of luck with your examinations; your hard work will pay off.

Continue accomplishing and making us proud; I am confident that you will pass this exam with flying colours. Best wishes!

Best wishes for a prosperous and fruitful professional career. Best regards!

We are all very proud of you, and we hope that you continue to receive opportunities to develop your skills. Best wishes on your exam.

Best of luck with your exam and in the future. Score well and keep working hard.

Establish standards for others to follow. Your achievement will serve as evidence of your success. Best wishes!

Best of luck with your exam! I have observed that you have prepared effectively for this examination. Now all you need for success is a little rest and self-assurance.

Wishing your Son Success in His Exams

Dear Son, I have observed you have worked really hard. I am sure you will crack the exam with Flying colours. All the very best!

Son, you have certainly been up all night. Now is the time to demonstrate your knowledge. Our collective prayers are with you. Best wishes for your exams.

Fill your mind with optimism and hope, and banish any negative thoughts. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

If you perform well on your examinations, lucrative opportunities will become available to you. Best wishes for your exams.

It is normal to feel anxious before exams. But you have worked extremely hard and are extremely knowledgeable about your subjects. You only need to approach your exams with confidence. I’m confident that would pass with flying colors. Wishing you the best!

Prayers for Candidates Sitting for Exams

Lord God,
I appreciate this opportunity to acquire new skills and expand my expertise.
Thank you for leading me through this study period and my final exams.
I share with you my hopes and anxieties regarding the outcome.
May you grant me peace as I rest and wait for the results.
Thank you for holding me securely in your affection.
Thank you that no matter what occurs in the future, I will always dwell in your goodness and walk with you.

I know the Lord is with me and loves me.
Grant me tranquilly as I prepare for this period of study.
Help me to concentrate on my books and notes, and protect me from all distractions, so that I may make the most of this available time.
Give me insight so that I may comprehend what I am studying, and assist me in remembering it.
I am most grateful for the opportunity to study and for the many gifts and abilities you have bestowed upon me.
Help me to always use them in a way that honours you and does myself justice.

God, be with me as I prepare for my examinations now. Thank you for the many talents and gifts you have bestowed upon me, as well as for the chance to pursue an education. Calm my nerves and anxiety, and assist me in recalling everything I have studied, expressing it clearly, and answering the questions to the best of my ability. Holy Spirit, please accompany me during my exam – and always.

Lord Jesus,
You are aware that I am extremely anxious about the upcoming tests and exams I must take, and I ask that You clear my anxious, clouded thoughts.
Please calm my nerves, and let me always find rest in You.
As I enter the exam, I ask that You fill my heart with the perfect peace that can only come from You.
Please also grant me clarity of thought and the ability to recall everything I have studied.
Grant me the insight and skill to record my thoughts on paper.
In Your most holy name, I pray.

Lord, I pray for the students I know and do not know who are taking their final exams at this time of year. You alone know how I faced comparable periods of isolation, difficulty, anxiety, and tension. Reach out and touch the hearts and minds of kids with the knowledge that their anxiety and tension may be used as a positive force in their pursuit of success. Assist them in understanding what they have studied and in remembering it when necessary. Assist them in keeping the various abilities and talents you have already bestowed upon them in perspective, so that they may use them for the greater honour and glory of God. Amen

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