Grade 3 Registration 2024

KNEC CBA Grade 3 Registration 2024 – A Step by Step Guide

Grade 3 registration 2024 is usually done for the (Kenya Early Years Assessment) KEYA exams. Schools should be able to register learners before the March 2024 deadline.

KNEC (Kenya National Examination Council) gives all the requirements and directions to undertake the procedure. The registration procedure is done online only by registered schools.

We have outlined every requirement and the process to follow when registering grade 3 learners in this article

Step by step of Grade 3 registration 2024

Follow the steps below to complete grade 3 registration 2024:

  • Open the KNEC portal
  • Proceed to the CBA portal
  • Enter your school username
  • Enter password
  • Click login
  • Navigate to the grade 3 portal and proceed
  • Check whether there are registered learners
  • Click on “Register learner to KEYA”
Grade 3 Registration 2024

Once you are on the portal ensure you have a copy of each learner’s birth certificate and start entering the following details:

  1. Full name
  2. Gender
  3. Birth certificate number (entry number)
  4. Date of birth (as it appears on the birth certificate)
  5. Nationality
  6. Disability
  7. Parent/Guardian name
  8. Guardian/parent phone number

If you make a mistake while registering, you can edit or delete an entry. You can always register the learners who have submitted details first and then the rest of the learners later. As a school what you shouldn’t do is fail to register a learner or register them after the deadline.


Grade 3 registration 2024 is a crucial step in ensuring you register all your learners for the forthcoming exams. Remember that failure to register them in 2024; will have to push for their exams to 2025.

We have laid out the A to Z procedure and registering one learner won’t take more than 30 minutes. Ensure that you capture their details as they appear on the birth certificate to avoid errors on their certificates.

KNEC Contacts

If you have any problems registering learners as a school, contact KNEC through the following numbers:

  • +254 020 3317412
  • +254 020 3317413
  • +254 020 3317419
  • +254 020 3317427
  • +254 020 3341027
  • +254 020 3341050
  • +254 020 3341071
  • +254 020 3341098
  • +254 020 3341113

You can also write them an email at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I register for Grade 3 on the KNEC portal?

To register grade 3 students on the KNEC portal, use the KNEC school portal to log in, proceed to the “E-readiness questionnaire” and enroll your learners.

What grade is KILEA for in Kenya 2024?

KILEA (Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment) exams are meant for grade 9 students who are at the intermediate stage and ready for the pre-vocational level.

How much is the KPSEA registration fee?

Local grade 6 students ready to sit for the KPSEA exams won’t pay exam fees. However, Non-Kenyan students will have to pay a fee of Ksh 750

How do I register for KPSEA candidates?

To register KPSEA candidates, log into the KNEC portal using the school’s credentials. Navigate to the CBA portal and log in using CBA credentials. Proceed to the grade 6 portal and register the students using their assessment number and personal details.

Who sits for KILEA exams?

Grade 9 students sit for the KILEA exams

How do I register my KILEA learners?

Register your KILEA learners through the KNEC website under the KILEA portal. Click on “register learners for KILEA” and proceed to enter their assessment numbers and personal details

What is the deadline for KPSEA registration?

Schools have up to 29tth March 2024 to register their learners. After the deadline, the unregistered students will have to sit for their exams in 2025

How much is the KCSE registration fee?

The KCSE registration fee for 2024 candidates is Ksh 3,000

What is the CBC curriculum?

CBC curriculum leans on the potential and needs of a student rather than grading all the students under one basket. In Kenya, the CBC follows the 2-6-3-3-3 format.

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