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How to Start Blogging in Kenya

Blogging is a great way to express your thoughts on a topic. You can share everything you know with a broader audience using your blog.

With blogging, you can reach a wider audience and earn money. The motive for writing this article is to educate and encourage you guys about blogging.

What is Blogging

blogging in Kenya

Although there are various technical definitions available, in simple terms, blogging is the process of writing blogs.

A blog can be considered an article on a specific topic. However, an article written on MS Word can’t be considered a blog. A blog is writing that is available over the internet. If you write an article on any website which is accessible publically, it will be a blog.

Blogging is the art of publishing web content regularly on a website. It is typically displayed on a weblog, where the text or entries are often called “posts.”

The blog can also be considered the diary of the person who posts on it. It’s a great way to express your thoughts, opinions, and information to a larger audience.

Blogging lets you connect with people in different parts of the world and share your thoughts–even if you don’t have extensive knowledge about their field.

It offers the opportunity to make money from your blog, too!

Who can start blogging

Many people don’t start blogging, assuming it is a very technical process; however, it is straightforward.

Anybody who can type on the keyboard can start blogging. Technical knowledge certainly matters but not having enough understanding doesn’t mean you can’t start your blogging journey.

If you are keen enough to learn and have a passion for writing, you can be a successful blogger.

Required Skills or Knowledge for Blogging

Blogging is a self-sufficient career and does not require specific skills or knowledge, but it makes sense to have some experience working in the creative field. To be successful, you’ll need a good amount of time on the internet and social media. Additionally, you’ll need to be able to write content that is engaging and shareable.

Four Most Important Aspects of Blogging

The five most important aspects of blogging are content, audience, promotion, niche and monetization.

#1 Niche

Finding a niche or category is the first step in the blogging journey. Usually, people try to find popular topics and start writing, but I don’t recommend this. You should find a niche that interests you so you can register with interest.

#2 Content

Content is the most apparent aspect of blogging and the most important. It is what you write about; this could be anything from your thoughts on a topic to your thoughts on living or working abroad. You mustn’t just share information and original content that may not be available elsewhere.

#3 Audience

The audience is someone who will read your blog and make it popular. This can be anyone from family members to friends and people from around the world who feel passionate about your blog’s content. There are many ways to recruit an audience for your blogs, such as advertising on social media channels and guest posting.

#4 Promotion

Promotion refers to how you will get your readership because if no one reads your blog, it will not be successful. Promotion includes getting more people to read your blog, which generates more traffic and followers as a result of that traffic increase. In addition to promoting your blog, it’s also important to advertise during promotions like Black Friday or Christmas so that they can see what you have to offer regarding products or services provided by the company you work for.

#5 Monetization

You can earn while writing and sharing content over the web. This is called monetization. There are various ways to monetize your content in blogging. The most popular is running ads within your content and earning from every click.

Other methods are Affiliate marketing, Dropshipping etc.

How much can you Earn with Blogging

With Blogging, you can earn money by selling your content or services. Many bloggers make it from their blogs because they put in a lot of effort and research on their blogs, which is a good and profitable business.

In addition, with blogging, you can develop skills directly related to your work, which will also help increase your income. You can make money with your blog if you have something valuable.

Blogging in Kenya

Despite the rapid growth of blogging in Kenya, many people still do not know the basics of blogging. The future of blogging in Kenya is bright as more consumers join the internet and look for information over the web.

Blogging in Kenya is not different from anywhere around the world; however, to run a successful blog in Kenya, you must do thorough research to find a profitable niche and start working on it.

How to Start a Blog in Kenya

I am sure you have read the success stories of bloggers and decided to enter the field of blogging.

I you are passionate enough and have that willpower, you can undoubtedly be a successful blogger.

In this section, I am giving you just an Overview of starting a blog in Kenya; I will cover everything in greater detail in the following blogs.

Step 1: Sit for a while and think about topics that appeal to you. You should consider at least five topics in which you are very interested and can write with interest. Note down these five topics. You need to understand the process of Niche Hunting for this.

Step 2: Search Google and see what other people have written about these topics. You need to make a list of keywords that are popular and have a good search volume. Understand the concept of Keyword research for this.

Step 3: Once you have a list of profitable keywords, you shall Create a Blog. You need to understand “How to Launch a Blog”.

Step 4: Once you have created the blog, you shall write High-quality content on the page with proper optimizations. To do so, you need to understand the concept of “Content Writing”.

Step 5: Once you understand content writing and publishing content on your website, you need to promote your website on Social media and gain authority. Understanding the concept of Search engine optimization, or SEO is essential.


Can anyone start blogging?

Yes, anybody with basic web surfing and typing knowledge can start blogging.

What steps are involved in the process of blogging?

Niche Hunting, Keyword research and content writing are some of the most critical aspects.

How much can one earn with blogging?

It depends on the number of visitors your website attracts and the topic you are writing. More visitors usually means more earnings.

How to start a blog in Kenya?

Talking about Kenya specifically, you need to find popular topics among Kenyan audiences and write detailed content around that. Then you can set up a website and publish your content. With time you will be able to monetize the content and earn income.

Did you find this topic interesting? Let me know so I can curate more similar issues around this topic.

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