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Instant Loan Apps Kenya – Top 10 of 2023

Are you looking for the best loan apps in Kenya? Well, this article will surely help you find the instant loan apps to meet your requirements. I have listed the 10 most popular and authentic instant loan mobile applications for Kenyans.

Instant Loan Apps Kenya

In recent years, instant loan apps have gained immense popularity in Kenya, providing quick access to funds to meet urgent financial needs. With the growth of the digital economy, instant loan apps have become a go-to solution for many Kenyans who need quick and hassle-free loans. This article will explore Kenya’s top 10 instant loan apps for 2023.

loan apps kenya

Top 5 reasons why people look for instant loan apps

  1. Instant loan apps make it easy and quick for Kenyans to get money without going through long application processes or filling out a lot of paperwork. Users can apply for loans online and get them in just a few clicks. This makes them a popular choice for people who need cash quickly.
  2. Emergencies: Emergencies can happen anytime and usually need money immediately. Instant loan apps are a lifeline for Kenyans who need money quickly to cover unexpected costs, like a medical emergency, a car breakdown, or a sudden job loss.
  3. People with low incomes or who don’t have bank accounts: A big chunk of the Kenyan population has low incomes or doesn’t have bank accounts. This means they don’t have access to traditional financial services like banks and credit unions. These people can use instant loan apps to get money and improve their health.
  4. Traditional lending institutions often ask for collateral to secure loans, which can be a big problem for people who don’t have anything to put up as security. Because they don’t need collateral, Kenyans can get credit more easily with instant loan apps.
  5. Ease of Application: An instant loan app makes it easy to ask for a loan. You need a smartphone, a way to connect to the internet, and a valid ID. The application process is easy, and getting a loan is quick. This makes it a popular choice for Kenyans who want to get money quickly and easily.

Top 10 Instant Loan Apps for 2023

  1. Branch
  2. Tala
  3. Zenka
  4. Okash
  5. Saida
  6. Haraka
  7. Timiza
  8. Berry
  9. Fuliza
  10. PesaFlash

Top Instant Loan Apps in Kenya Without Registration Fees

Yes, some instant loan apps in Kenya offer loans without registration fees. Here are some of the popular loan apps that do not charge registration fees:

  1. Tala – Tala is a popular loan app in Kenya that offers loans of up to Ksh—30,000 without registration fees. The app charges interest rates between 5% and 15% and offers repayment periods between 21 and 30 days.
  2. Branch – Branch is another popular loan app in Kenya that does not charge registration fees. The app offers loans of up to Ksh. 70,000, with interest rates ranging from 10% to 27%. The repayment period for Branch loans is between 4 and 68 weeks.
  3. Zenka – Zenka is a loan app in Kenya that offers loans of up to Ksh—30,000 without registration fees. The app charges interest rates between 9.7% and 29% and offers repayment periods between 61 and 90 days.
  4. Okash – Okash is a loan app in Kenya that offers loans of up to Ksh—50,000 without registration fees. The app charges interest rates of between 5% and 14% and offers repayment periods of between 14 and 30 days.
  5. Stawika – Stawika is a loan app in Kenya that offers loans of up to Ksh—30,000 without registration fees. The app charges interest rates of between 4% and 15% and offers repayment periods of between 7 and 30 days.

It is important to note that while these apps do not charge registration fees, they charge interest rates and other fees that you should carefully consider before taking out a loan. It’s also important to borrow responsibly and only take out loans you can comfortably repay.

Loan Apps without CRB Check

There are almost no loan applications that offer loans without checking CRB. A credit reference bureau is checked almost every time before any company offer you a loan.

You need to understand this as a businessman. Why would you give a loan to someone with a horrible repayment history?

That’s why I highly recommend improving the payment history of your current loans and then applying for loans from genuine providers.

However, it is essential to note that not all loan apps that claim to offer loans without a CRB check may be legitimate or safe. Some may charge very high-interest rates or require you to provide sensitive personal information that could be used for identity theft. Therefore, before applying for a loan from any app, you should research the company and read reviews from other users to ensure it is trustworthy.

If there is any emergency, you may want to consider other options for getting a loan, such as borrowing from family or friends, taking out a loan from a bank or credit union, or seeking assistance from a financial advisor. These options may be more reliable and affordable in the long run.

How to Identify Fake Loan Apps

Be cautious when using loan apps, as some fake apps are designed to steal your personal and financial information. Here are some tips on how to identify fake loan apps:

Check the developer and reviews: Before downloading a loan app, find out who made it and read reviews from others who have used it. Please find out about the company’s history, reputation, and whether or not it has a licence. If there are no reviews for the app or they seem fake, it’s best to stay away from them.

Check permissions: Installing an app will require specific permissions, such as access to your contacts, camera, microphone, and location. Be wary of apps that ask for more permissions than they need. This could be a sign that the app isn’t real.

Check the interest rate and fees: If the rate or fees seem too good to be true, they probably are. Be wary of loan apps that offer very low-interest rates or no fees. They may be trying to get you to sign up so they can steal your personal and financial information.

Check how easy it is to use: Some fake loan apps may have a bad user interface and spelling and grammar mistakes. Loan apps that are real will have a user interface that looks professional and is easy to use.

Check out the ways to pay: Fake loan apps might ask for payment in unusual ways, like with gift cards, wire transfers, or cryptocurrency. Apps for real loans will offer traditional ways to pay, like credit or debit cards.

Check the customer service: Legit Loan apps will have a customer service team you can contact if you have any questions or problems. It might be fake if the app doesn’t have any customer service.

Remember to be cautious when using loan apps and never share your personal or financial information unless you are sure the app is legitimate.

Key Features of Instant Loan Apps

  1. The quick and easy application process
  2. No collateral required
  3. Fast disbursement of funds
  4. Flexible repayment options
  5. Low-interest rates and fees

Pros and Cons of Instant Loan Apps


  • Quick access to funds
  • No collateral required
  • Simple application process
  • Easy eligibility criteria
  • Suitable for short-term financial needs


  • High-interest rates and fees
  • Short repayment periods
  • Risk of falling into a debt trap
  • Some apps may require access to personal data
  • Limited loan amount

How to Repay Instant Loans?

Repaying instant loans is essential to avoid additional charges or negative credit score impacts. Here are some tips on how to repay instant loans:

Know when your loan payments are due: Make sure you know when your loan payments are due and when they will be repaid. When you get the loan, the lender should tell you about these things.

Set up automatic payments: Many lenders let you automatically set up payments from your bank account. This will ensure you pay on time and don’t miss any payments.

Payments on time: If you pay late, you may have to pay extra fees, which could hurt your credit score. Pay your bills on time, even if you have to set reminders yourself.

Pay more than the minimum: If you can afford it, paying more each month can help you pay off your loan faster and save you money on interest.

✅ If you’re having trouble paying, you might want to refinish your loan. This could help you get a lower interest rate or pay less monthly.

Contact your lender: Don’t be afraid to talk to your lender if you’re having trouble making loan payments. They might be able to develop a payment plan that works with your budget.


How do instant loan apps work?

Instant loan apps use algorithms to determine the creditworthiness of applicants and offer loans based on their ability to repay. Once the loan is approved, the funds are instantly transferred to the borrower’s account.

What are the eligibility criteria for instant loan apps?

The eligibility criteria vary from app to app, but applicants must generally be over 18 years old, have a valid ID, and have a source of income.

How much can I borrow from an instant loan app?

The loan amount varies depending on the app, but most apps offer loans ranging from KES 500 to KES 50,000.

What is the interest rate charged by instant loan apps?

The interest rate varies from app to app, but generally, it ranges from 10% to 15% per month.

How can I repay my loan from an instant loan app?

Most apps offer repayment options, including mobile money, bank transfer, and direct debit from your bank account.

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