KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship 2024

KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship 2024 – Everything you need to Know !

KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship 2024 offers opportunities for underserved groups, marginalized groups, and students from ASAL counties (Arid and semi-arid). Beyond Zero believes that a well-skilled workforce accelerates positive outcomes in the health sector.

So far, the KMTC beyond zero scholarship has recorded wonderful figures. It has sponsored over 1,324 candidates, 1,163 nurses have their licenses and are already practicing. Over 500 nurses are employed by the National and the county government.

KMTC beyond scholarship has a sole mission of inspiring change in the lives of children and mothers through public education, partnerships, policy dialogue, and collaboration.

How to apply for the KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship 2024

The KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship 2024 is sponsored by the World Bank and Roche. The scholarship has a primary focus on improving the quality of healthcare services. So far, over 1.2 million people have received healthcare services through the program.

Application requirements

For the certificate courses in community health nursing, you’ll need the following:

  • A mean grade of C- (minus) in KCSE
  • C- in Kiswahili and English
  • C- in Biology
  • D+ in physical sciences, Mathematics, or Chemistry

For Diploma courses, you need the following requirements

  • A mean grade of C (plain) in KCSE
  • C (plain) in Kiswahili and English
  • C (plain) in Biology
  • C (plain) in physical sciences, Mathematics, or Chemistry

Application guidelines

Once you have the minimum requirements, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the KMTC student’s portal
  2. Sign in or register
  3. Proceed to the application tab on the left side
  4. Click on “beyond zero scholarship”. Note that when you click on “Apply scholarship” it won’t go through and you will be met with a “Scholarship may have been closed” message
  5. Select level (beyond zero scholarship)
  6. Select your academic calendar
  7. Select intake
  8. Click next
  9. Select your course
  10. Fill in the form
  11. Enter your parent’s name and contacts in section A
  12. Enter the school attended and your ethnicity in section B
  13. Click save info
  14. Counter-check the details and print the form or edit your information
KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship 2024

After printing the form, you will be required to bring the following documents during the physical submission

  1. National ID or birth certificate
  2. KCSE certificate or result slip
  3. School leaving certificate
  4. A hand written-essay not exceeding 200 words explaining why you need the KMTC beyond zero scholarship
  5. Parents’ National ID copies
  6. Death certificate if the parents are deceased

Additionally, you will be required to sign the form and take it to the chief office to be signed and stamped by the area chief


KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship 2024 is meant for needy students from underserved groups and ASAL. If you fall under that category, take this opportunity to apply for the scholarship before the application window closes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to apply for the KMTC Scholarship?

Start by registering an account, fill in your bio-data, and proceed to apply for the scholarship under the KMTC portal

Does KMTC offer sponsorship?

Yes, KMTC offers sponsorship for needy students. For instance, the FUNZO Kenya Project sponsored over 400 students for the ECHN course

What is the scholarship for poor students in Kenya?

JKF offers scholarships and mentorships to bright students in Kenya who come from poor backgrounds. The Programme focuses on secondary education as primary education is free in Kenya.

What is the KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship?

The KMTC Beyond Zero Scholarship 2024 focuses on community health nursing. It sponsors students from the arid counties of Kenya to enroll in certificate courses.

How do you qualify for the Elimu scholarship?

Elimu scholarship sponsors students from marginalized groups in Kenya who scored over 250 marks in their KCPE exams.

Does HELB sponsor KMTC students?

Yes, KMTC students can apply for education loans from HELB. HELB sends the funds to the college accounts.

Can one apply for KMTC through KUCCPS?

Yes, KMTC courses are available at the KUCCPS website. Students can apply for the certificate and diploma courses.

Is KMTC open for March intake 2024?

Yes, all interested students can apply for the KMTC intake on the KMTC portal.

Is KMTC public or private?

KMTC is a public state corporation. It is certified under ISO number 9001:2015.

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