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Initially during the launch event of Hustler Fund only one method i.e. USSD code was introduced. You will be glad to know that now you can apply for the hustler fund using the mobile app. Yes, it is called Mini App.

This article is dedicated to introducing you to this Hustler Fund mini App. Let’s Get started right away.

✔ TopicMobile App for Hustler Fund
✔ AvailabilityAvailable
✔ TypeMini App
✔ BeneficiariesExisting Customers of Safaricom

This app is accessible to Safaricom M-Pesa users only. so, if you are using another network, you won’t be able to use it. It is however expected that very soon Airtel & Telkom may introduce their Hustler Fund apps.

What is Hustler Fund Mini App?

In order to provide a dedicated space for Hustler Fund, the developers of Safaricom integrated a mini app within the M-pesa app.

Hustler Fund mini app

Mini-programs are small, downloaded applications that operate within a bigger application. In this case, the bigger application is M-Pesa.

Who can use Hustler Fund Mobile App

Current Safaricom customers with an M-pesa account can access the Hustler fund mini app. This mini-app is integrated into the M-pesa app. So, if you use the M-Pesa app, just update it to the latest version to find the hustler fund application there.

If you are an Airtel or Telkom user, you should rely on the USSD Code method to avail hustler fund loan.

How to Download Hustler Mini App

hustler fund mini app in the safaricom mpesa application

If you are too confused due to the increased number of mobile apps with the name Hustler Fund, I feel you. Recently, due to the hype of the Hustler fund in Kenya, lots of companies or developers tried to make use of the situation by launching loan apps with the same name. This encourages more downloads but is surely not a good practice.

To find the original mobile application link, simply follow these steps:

Follow these steps to download and start using the hustler fund mini app.

Total Time: 2 minutes

Download the App

Download or Update M-Pesa App to the latest version

Sign in

Open up the m-pesa app and Login

Head to the relevant section

Now, Go to the “Grow” Section

Open up the mini app

You will find the “Hustler Fund” mini app right there


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I hope that at this point you are aware of the Hustler Fund mini-application and how to access it. Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


What is a mini app?

A mini app is a small app built in within the larger mobile application.

Who can access Hustler mini app?

Only the users of Safaricom can access the mini app.

How to Download the Hustler fund application on phone?

Safaricom users can update their m-pesa app to the latest version to get the “Huster Fund” section within the “Grow” section of the app.

How can consumers of other operators download the app?

They can’t. They need to wait for their operators to launch a dedicated or mini app.

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