Neeva Search Engine

Neeva Search Engine – Best AD-Free Search Engine 2021

Neeva Search Engine, an Advertisement free, private search engine is ready to hit the market. In this article, we are sharing all we know about the AD-Free search engine, Neeva.

Browsing in the search engines like Google for information has become a daily routine for people in this era. However, one thing that makes the online users frustrating is the ads in between when searching for the information. It has become a major concern for people browsing. Moreover, it interrupts the flow of the search by the users. In a similar connection, Mr. Sridhar Ramaswamy, the Ex-employee of Google, along with Mr. Vivek Raghunathan, has initiated the idea of the Neeva Search Engine. They claimed that it would be the alternative search engine for Google with no and high security.

The following article explains the complete details of the Neeva Search Engine.

Neeva Search Engine

This article explains the Neeva Search Engine’s complete details and explores the details we have to know about the search engine.

Neeva has a different business model as compared to existing browsers. That’s why it is very likely that in few years it could become a tough competition to google.

What is the plan behind the launch of the Neeva Search Engine?

  1. The idea behind the plan to launch the Neeva Search Engine is to provide an ad-free experience to users with different experiences.
  2. Unlike the other search engines, the objective of Neeva is to avoid focusing on the digital advertising that hampers the user experience.
  3. Moreover, they want to give the users a completely ad-free experience through monthly subscriptions worth their money.
  4. The initiation entirely focuses on the customer experience rather than the commercial needs of the advertisers.
  5. The launch of the search engine is still in the alpha testing stage, and the final launch will take some more time.
Ad-Free search engine neeva

What we know about Neeva Search Engine so far

Let us see the detailed information about the Neeva Search Engine, as shown below.

  • The Ex-Google employee, Mr. Sridhar Ramaswamy, and his partner Vivek Raghunathan have initiated Neeva Search Engine’s concept.
  • Mr. Sridhar was a part of the engineering team that worked for Google Search and Google Advertising products and later moved out of Google to create its search engine with a better experience.
  • The main motive of initiating the Neeva Search Engine is to provide an ad-free experience to online users using the search engine.
  • It shows the information to users like other search engines.
  • Neeva can also search for more personal files such as e-mails and documents.
  • The search engine is known for its high security and ad-free features.
  • The Neeva Team raised $40 million in Series B led by Greylock Partners, Sequoia Capital, with participation from Inovia Capital, valuing it at $300 million.
  • Instead of using the users’ data for monetization and flooding the users with ads, it searches the alternative ways to generate revenue.
  • Moreover, Mr. Ramaswamy has also mentioned that they plan to make money on subscription charging 10$ per month.

Difference between Neeva Search Engine and Google

Let us see the differences we can observe between the Neeva Search Engine and Google, as shown below.

  • The major difference between Google and Neeva is that in Neeva, the users can search anything without ads. However, it is not possible in Google.
  • Neeva Search Engine is a subscription-based search engine that users need to pay some amount to use it.
  • One more difference between the search engines is that Neeva Search Engine will not ask for any personal information from the users. However, in Google, you have to give personal information.
  • The Neeva Search Engine will provide equal protection to the users. Moreover, they will have a Digital Bill of Rights, which talks about the privacy principle.


What is the major objective of the Neeva Search Engine that will launch soon?

The Neeva Search Engine’s major objective is to provide online users an ad-free experience with high security.

Can I have the same user experience as other search engines using the upcoming Neeva Search Engine?

Yes, the Neeva guarantees the online user experience and data security like other search engines in the market.

Is the Neeva Search Engine available free of cost to online users?

Internet users should pay a monthly subscription to avail of the benefits of the Neeva Search Engine.

What is the tentative date of the launch of the Neeva Search Engine to the users?

In this instance, the Neeva platform is still in the alpha testing stage and will be available to online users very soon.
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