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NHS COVID Booster Dose Booking 2021-22: [Scotland, Wales, England] Apply @ nhs website.

All eligible people can now book appointments online for COVID 19 booster jab. This article explains the process of COVID booster dose booking. Before we go to the process, let’s understand why a booster dose is required and who is eligible to get the booster shot.

Eligible people from Scotland, Wales & England can now apply & book their slots

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Levels of protection may begin to wane over time, as they do with several other vaccines. The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine booster dosage will help to extend the protection you received from the first two doses and will provide you with longer-term protection.

NHS COVID 19 Booster Dose Online Appointment

You can have the booster dose at any time after your second dose, as long as it’s at least 3 months (12 weeks) later, and it’ll help minimize your chances of needing to go to the hospital this winter due to coronavirus.

For those with a severely impaired immune system, a booster dose differs from a third primary dose.

Eligibility Criteria for NHS UK booster Jab

Following people are eligible to get booster dose as prescribed by NHS:

  • All persons aged 18 years or older
  • Residents of care homes, and frontline health and social care employees
  • Individuals aged 16 years or older who have underlying health issues that place them at an increased risk of severe coronavirus infection
  • Unpaid caregivers aged 16 years or
  • Older adults aged 16 years or older who live with someone who has a severely impaired immune system

When to Get COVID 19 Booster Dose

Eligible people will be offered a booster dose at least 3 months after they had their 2nd dose. People from Wales, Scotland and England can use the NHS online service to confirm pre booking.

How to Pre Book Booster Dose Appointment Online on NHS Website

Head to the booking page

All interested and eligible people need to head to the vaccine booking page

Enter your NHS Number

Now, provide your NHS Number (if known) or use the other options to continue

Provide asked information

Clearly specify the asked information and click on “Continue” to proceed

Choose the date for booster jab

Now, you will see slot availability. Choose as per your convenience

Select time range.

Now, you need to choose a time range and click on “Continue” to proceed

Finally, choose the arrival time.

Now choose the arrival time and click on continue and finish the process

Is it mandatory to book a booster jab appointment online in order to get the shot?

Online booking is not mandatory. Here are some other methods using which you may book the appointment :

  1. Make an appointment for vaccinations online for a visit to a vaccination clinic or drugstore.
  2. without an appointment, visit a walk-in immunization station.
  3. Wait to be contacted by a local NHS service, such as a primary care physician’s office, then schedule an appointment with them.

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