KUCCPS Payment Procedure 2024

KUCCPS Payment Procedure 2024 – Detailed How to Guide !

KUCCPS payment procedure 2024 allows students to apply for their courses and pay successfully using Mpesa. As of February 2024, KUCCPS systems have been having technical issues due to the high number of students applying online.

With only 5 days to go to the deadline, this article outlines the simple ways you can pay for your KUCCPS application online.

Step-by-step KUCCPS Payment Procedure 2024

KUCCPS opened its application to students on February 8, 2024. To apply for the courses, there are a few requirements you need to meet to be eligible. They include:

  1. Must be a Kenyan citizen
  2. Scored C+ for degree programs
  3. Scored C- for Diploma programs
  4. Scored D (plain) for Certificate programs
  5. Not have benefited from previous government sponsorship

Application procedure

Follow the steps below for KUCCPS Payment Procedure 2024:

  • Head over to the KUCCPS student portal
  • Enter your username (KCSE index number)
  • Enter the year you did the KCSE examination
  • Enter your password (KCPE index number or birth certificate entry number)
  • Proceed to log in
  • Update your contact details such as phone number and email address

Move to the “Programmes” application depending on the grade you scored (Degree, Diploma, KMTC Programmes, Certificate, and Artisan)

  1. Choose the courses you want and bookmark the Programme code
  2. Click on the “Application/Revision” tab
  3. Enter your Programme codes
  4. The system will notify you whether you qualify for the course by “fetching data”
  5. If you qualify, the course name will be displayed
  6. After you have filled in all the blank Programme codes, click submit

Payment tab

Payment is the last step to finish your application. Please NOTE that you might encounter technical problems in this stage, keep trying until the system responds.

KUCCPS Payment Procedure 2024
  1. A pop-up box will instruct you to pay the required amount
  2. Choose your preferred payment method
  3. For the KUCCPS Paybill use 820201 for transfer or the Ecitizen Paybill number 222222
  4. Enter the account number provided
  5. Enter amount (Ksh 1,500)
  6. Enter Mpesa Pin
  7. You will receive a confirmation number from Mpesa
  8. Enter the transaction number on the “REF” slot and submit
  9. Wait for the system to process
  10. If it returns that “Payment not found” keep trying until it responds


The KUCCPS payment procedure 2024 is slightly different from the other years. As a candidate or Guardian, you should take this step to make your application and pay before the extended 5 days elapse.

KUCCPS Contacts

If you have more inquiries about KUCCPS, you can contact them through the following:

  • 020 5137400
  • 0723 954 927
  • 0734 879 662

Additionally, you can also visit their headquarters at ACK Garden House, Community area, UpperHill, Nairobi. You will find them on the ground floor and third floor respectively

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I pay my KUCCPS application fee?

To pay for the KUCCPS application fee, log into their website through your index number, apply for the courses, and pay through Mpesa.

What is the Paybill number for KUCCPS?

KUCCPS uses Mpesa Paybill number 820201 for their transactions

Is KUCCPS open for the 2024 intake?

Yes, the KUCCPS portal is open for the 2024 intake. However, the deadline is in 5 days. KUCCPS may decide to or NOT to extend the deadline

How do I check my Kuccps placement on my phone?

If you want to check your KUCCPS placement through your phone by SMS, use the number 20842 to send your KCSE index number starting with the year. (eg 202432568556012). Normal SMS charges will apply.

How much does KUCCPS pay for students?

KUCCPS pays Ksh 30,000 for the student directly to the institution, The other charges will be raised by the student.

How do I apply for KUCCPS for the first time?

As a first-time applicant, access the KUCCPS student portal and use your KCSE index number as the username. For the password, use your full KCPE index number or birth certificate number. Proceed to choose your courses and pay.

What is the placement fee for KUCCPS?

KUCCPS charges Ksh 1,500 for placement. Each student should pay the fee after submitting their application.

Do you pay for the second revision of KUCCPS?

No, you don’t pay, instead you submit the Mpesa transaction code used when applying for the first time.

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