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Sheria Sacco Portal, Member Login, Loan Form 2023

Sheria Sacco amongst the most popular Saccos in Kenya. To make use of the services, one must join as a member. After successful registration, you may login and apply for various types of forms. The Sheria sacco loan forms filling process is explained in detail.

Sheria Sacco Portal

The Sheria Sacco website allows members registrations, loan application are various other services. However, as told before, to make use of the services, member registration is mandatory.

Sheria Sacco Membership


  • At least 18 or older.
  • Doesn’t belong to another salary-based Sacco.
  • Isn’t a moneylender or doing other activities harmful to society?
  • Has a steady job, business, or trade income.
  • Paid entrance fee and minimum shares as per membership policy,
  • Completed member’s nominee card, appointing a nominee
  • Completed member’s burial benevolence fund form, naming dependant
  • Understands the Society’s goals, membership obligations, and other By-law requirements.

Member Obligations

As a member of Sheria Sacco, you must:

  • On admission, pay Kshs. 500 for membership registration, Kshs. 100 for Burial Benevolent Fund registration, and Kshs. 500 for FOSA Account creation.
  • A member must additionally contribute Ksh200 each month to the Burial Benevolent Fund.
  • Be trustworthy in all Society dealings.
  • Follow the law, rules, and Bylaws when dealing with Society.
  • Follow the Society’s code of conduct and ethics, and avoid corrupt practices.
  • Don’t compete with Society’s money lending.
  • Protect the Society’s image and avoid publicity, incitement, and thoughtless discussion.
  • Notify the Chief Executive Officer of any changes to my physical address and contact information,
  • Pay Society’s debts on time and save consistently,
  • Seek cooperative education to increase my knowledge of cooperative issues.
  • Inform non-members and invite them to join the Society.
  • Comply with these By-laws, the Co-operative Act, the Sacco Act, Rules, Regulations, and General Meeting resolutions.

Sacco Link Card General Usage Conditions

Members are given cards to carry out transactions.

  • The SaccoLink Card is neither a credit card nor a check guarantee card.
  • The SaccoLink Card can be used at Coop Bank ATMs, other Bank Visa ATMs, and Visa merchant POS.
  • The Sacco/Bank may revoke SaccoLink card transactions without warning.
  • A SaccoLink card is non-transferable.
  • The SaccoLink Card is Sacco’s property, and the cardholder must return it on demand.
  • The card cannot be used for illegal purposes, including buying illegal products or services.

Requirements to Join Sheria Sacco

  1. Duly Filled membership application form
  2. Copy of National ID /Passport.
  3. A filled Nominee Card Form
  4. Filled BBF Registration Form
  5. Two (2) passport-size photos
  6. Ksh 700/= entrance fees;
  7. Sacco Registration Fees: KES 1,000
  8. FOSA Account opening Fees: KES 500
  9. Burial Benevolent Fund registration Fees: KES 200

Sheria Sacco New Member Account Opening Form

  • First of All, download the joining form –
  • Take the printout and duly fill in this application Form
  • Attach required documents
  • Submit the form

After you submit the details, the team will contact you.

Sheria Sacco Loans

The Sheria Sacco offers the following types of Loans.

  1. Diamond Loan
  2. Development Loan
  3. Education Loan
  4. Emergency Loan
  5. Jipange Loan
  6. Refinancing Loan
  7. Bima Loan
  8. Business Loan
  9. Personal Loan
  10. Salary In Advance
  11. Salary Advance

Sheria Sacco Loan Form 2023

To apply for any loan mentioned above, you need to fill in and submit the loan form.

sheria sacco loan application form

You may download the complete application form from HERE.

Sheria Sacco Mobile Banking

You may access the Sheria Sacco mobile banking using USSD and Sheria Sacco App.

sheria sacco mobile banking

Download the App from HERE

Loan Calculator for Sheria Sacco

Using the Sheria Sacco loan calculator, you can easily calculate the Loan. You can access the calculator from HERE. Details like Rpayment will be available.

Sheria Sacco Members Portal Login

Registered members can access various online services on the sheria sacco members portal. They need to login to get into the dashboard. Here is the login process:

Go to member portal login page – login
  • Enter your ID Number, Password and click on “Login.”
  • After this, you will be successfully logged in
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