Smart TV Prices in Kenya

Android Smart TV Prices in Kenya – Top 32/43/50 Inch Brand Models

Like smartphones, there have been significant advancements in the manufacturing of Televisions. With time, TVs became thinner and thinner, and now we are in the era of Smart TVs.

The whole point of this article is to present you with the Best Smart TV models of various trustworthy brands in Kenya. I will focus on the 32-inch category and cover bigger sizes like 43 & 50 inches.

Types of Smart TVs

There are two types of Smart Televisions: Android & Non Android

best smart tv models in kenya in 2023
Smart Android TVSmart TV (Without Android)
✔️ Works on Android✔️ Not Android based. Brands use their own Operating system and integrate them.
✔️ Support Netflix, Hulu, Showmax, Discovery, Hotstar and thousands of other apps explicitly developed for the Android TV operating system.✔️ Support most of the popular streaming apps.
✔️ Android TV is consistent with application updates.✔️ The application updates are occasional.
✔️ Google Voice Assistant.✔️ Alexa or Other Voice Assistant
✔️ Hassle-Free Screen Mirroring & Casting✔️ It could be challenging to Set up.

Best Television Brands in Kenya

If you go to your nearest electronics store or even check at the

✅ Samsung✅ Sony✅ LG
✅ Hisense✅ TCL✅ Skyworth
✅ Weyon✅ Vision Plus✅ Vitron
✅ Hifinit

Smart TV Prices in Kenya

Price is the most crucial factor when purchasing a smart TV. The best deal would be to get one from a trustworthy brand with a decent size, high-quality display and availability of popular apps.

Popular Smart TV Sizes

Smart TVs come in various sizes. The most popular one is 32 inches. The size of a smart TV can go up to 100 inches. However, the popular sizes are:

  • 32 inches
  • 40 Inches
  • 43 Inches
  • 50 Inches

Sizes above 50 inches are – 55,58,65,70,75,85,86,100 inches.

Price of 32 Inch Smart TV in Kenya

The starting price of 32 inches Smart TV in Kenya is around KSh 13,500. Due to various other display features and Android integration, the max price in this size goes up to KSh 40,000

✅ Hisense 32A4HKEN A4 Series 32″ INCH FRAMELESS Smart TV
✅ TCL 32S68A 32 Inch Frameless AI Smart Android LED TV
✅ WEYON 32 Inch Android Smart LED TV – Black
✅ Vitron HTC3200S,32 Inch FRAMELESS Smart Android TV
✅ Hifinit 32 Inch Frameless Android Smart HD LED TV – Black

Best 40 Inches Smart TV in Kenya

The Starting price of 40 inches Smart TV is Ksh 22,000. There are a limited number of models of this size.

✅ Samsung 40T5300 40 Inch SMART FULL HD LED TV
✅ TCL 40 Inch Smart Full HD Android Frameless LED TV – 40S65A
✅ Hisense 40 Inches Smart Frameless Tv A60KEN Series
✅ Hisense 40A4HKEN, 40″ Inch SMART TV HD, FRAMELESS A4 Series
✅ Vitron HTC4068S,40″ Inch Smart TV

43 Inch Android Smart TV Price in Kenya

The entry price of 43 inches Smart TV is around KSh 24,000, which goes up to 80,000 for premium brand models like Sony, LG or Samsung.

The 43 inches size is the most popular one after 32 inches. Here are some of the best 43-inch Android Smart TVs in Kenya with prices:

✅ Skyworth 43″ 43E3A FULL HD Frameless Smart Android TV
✅ Vitron 4388FS,43″ Inch FRAMELESS Smart Android TV
✅ Vision Plus VP8843KV – 43″ 4K Frameless V+ OS Smart TV
✅ TCL 43S68A 43” Smart Android TVFrameless Full HD LED TV
✅ WEYON 43 Inch Android Smart FHD LED TV – Black

Non-Android Models

✅ Hisense 43″ A4 Series VIDAA OS Smart LED TV 43A4G
✅ Hifinit 43E3S 43” Inch Android Smart FHD LED TV

Top 50 Inches Smart TVs in Kenya

The prices of 50 inches smart TVs start from KSh 35,000 and goes up to KSh 1,10,000 for premium brand models.

✅ Vitron 5068US,50″ Inch BLUETOOTH FRAMELESS 4K UHD Android TV

Non-Android Smart TV

✅ Hisense 50” 50A62G Inch FRAMELESS 4K ULTRA HD SMART TV
✅ Samsung 50AU7000, 50 INCH 4K UHD Smart TV
✅ Glaze GZ-5030US 50″ Inch FULL HD FRAMELESS Android

Are Smart TVs and Android Smart TVs the same?

Every Android TV is a Smart TV, but not everyone is Android TV, period!
We often interchange the words Smart TV and Android TV, but there is a difference. I wanted to clarify before I move further and show you some of the best Smart TV models.
Any TV that can connect to the internet, Stream content is essentially a Smart TV. However, not every Smart TV is Android-powered. Many brands integrate popular Applications like Netflix, Youtube, Facebook etc., into their TVs. Such TVs are certainly Smart TVs but not Android Smart TVs.
Android powers Android Smart TVs. Users can log in to the Google Play store and install apps onto their Television. Kindly understand that not every app available on the play store is compatible with Android TV.
So, the only difference between a regular Smart TV and Android-based Smart TV is the capability to install third-party applications. Android-based Smart TVs have a repository of thousands of apps (due to Play Store connectivity).
So, if you plan to use various apps on your Smart Television besides the popular ones, you should go for Android-based TV. However, if you plan to access popular platforms only, like Youtube, Netflix, Showmax Hulu etc., most regular smart TVs have them preinstalled.

What is a frameless TV?

You can focus on the information on a frameless screen with the minimum bezel—screen bezels separate screens from device frames or the surrounding areas.

Which TV size should I get?

The perfect TV size depends on your room size. For a small room, 32 inches smart TV will do just fine; however, 40 or 43 inches can be ideal for larger spaces. Ultimately, it is a personal choice; you can even go for 49” or 55” if you want.
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