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Unique Personal Identifier Kenya – UPI Number, Portal, Registration Details

Like Aadhaar Number in India & Social Security Numbers in the USA & other countries, Kenyan Government is set to launch a Unique Personal identifier Number. It will serve as an exclusive identification number for each citizen from birth to death.

The Unique Personal Identifier is set to be introduced from 1st March 2023 onwards. This UPI will be used as an identification card, PIN, National Health Insurance Fund, and Kenya Revenue Authority Driving License Number to identify the individuals in life and death.

This UPI model is derived from Estonia and will revolutionize the digital system in Kenya.

The National census will end with introducing a Unique Personal Identifier, UPI. This new system is going to be far more accurate.

Unique Personal Identifier Portal

UPI id card kenya

The Government is all set to launch UPI (Personal Identifier) Portal. As the service will start on 1st march, the portal will be live before that date.

Ahead of the rollout, training on UPI has already started. The training workshop occurred successfully at the Kenya School of Government in Kabete. All the regional and county birth and death registration officers were present.

With the launch of the official portal, more details regarding personal identifier numbers in Kenya will be precise.

Key Features of Unique Personal Identifier Number

  • The Identifier will be given to all Kenyan-born children across the country.
  • UPI will only be used for newborns. When they are 18, they will use the number to get into primary and secondary schools and register for various other things.
  • UPI is used to register births and deaths but can also be used as a school’s admission number and index number for national tests.
  • When you turn 18, your UPI will be your ID and registration numbers for the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF), National Social Security Fund (NSSF), and driving licence.

It is unclear how many digits this UPI number will have. If we talk about Estonia, from where this concept it derived, they use an 11-digit number. Let’s see how the kenya government proceeds.

UPI Kenya – Registration, How to Apply

As the UPI number is in talks, many queries are related to it. People want to know how to register for it, How to apply, what the requirements are, etc.

As you might have understood, the Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) will be a single number used for various purposes. It will serve as an identification number for every individual in Kenya.

It is now clear that this system will be introduced from 1st March 2023 onwards. All preparations are in place. Very soon, the UPI portal will be launched.

Complete registration or application process details will be available after the launch of the official website. Until then, we advise you to have patience and keep checking this page occasionally.

Personal Identifier Number FAQs

What is a unique personal identifier number?

As the name suggests, UPI or Unique Personal Identifier Number is a unique identification number of every citizen. No, two citizens can have the same UPI number.

What is the need for a UPI number in Kenya?

Presently, various identifiers make it difficult for the government and the citizens. With the introduction of a Unique Personal identifier, many services will be mapped with a single number. This is going to be helpful for the citizens and government of Kenya.

How will personal identifiers be used?

As per the recent reports, newborns will be assigned a personal identifier number as the unique ID number. It will also serve as NHIF Number, NSSF number, KCPE index number, and even a driving license number.

What is the registration process?

The process is expected to be digital, but more details will be available after the launch of the personal identifier portal.

How to Access Unique personal identifier portal in Kenya?

As the service starts on 1st March, the official portal will be launched anytime before that. Once established, more details will be unveiled.

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