www.neaims.go.ke Vacancies 2024

www.neaims.go.ke Vacancies 2024 – Apply for Jobs at National Employment Authority Portal

If you’re looking for a job, www.neaims.go.ke vacancies 2024 is the right place for you. NEA (National Employment Authority) is a state corporation that connects job seekers to employers.

The good thing about NEA is that you can still apply for jobs abroad using their portal. The website has over 8,000 verified and trusted employers and over 30,000 job seekers.

We have shared everything you need to apply for a job and the process of application throughout the article.

How to apply for jobs at www.neaims.go.ke Vacancies 2024

There are hundreds of jobs posted online every day on the NEA portal for you to apply. To easily maneuver through the portal, you need to create an account first or log in if you have an account.

  • To apply, proceed to the NEA website
  • Log in or register on the top right corner
  • Choose the jobs you want to apply (whether in Kenya or abroad)
  • Start the application process
  • Submit your application and wait for feedback

Registering as a new user

To register as a new user, follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Create user Account” link
  2. Provide your personal details
  3. Enter your password and re-confirm
  4. Proceed to sign up and apply for the open jobs

What you need to apply for jobs abroad

Since most of the jobs advertised are in foreign countries, you’ll need the following to apply for them:

  1. A valid passport
  2. A national ID
  3. Driving license (not a must)
  4. Work experience
  5. Health record

As of now, over 20,000 foreign jobs are waiting for you to apply. Click here to check them out and apply.

National Employment Authority stakeholders

NEA has stakeholders that make it possible to share information, verify job postings, and also link their candidates with the right employers.

Some of the stakeholders include:

  1. International Labour Organization (ILO)
  2. Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM)
  3. National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)
  4. Federation of Kenya Employers (FKE)
  5. Youth Enterprise Development Fund

Services offered by the National Employment Authority

www.neaims.go.ke Vacancies 2024

Some of the services offered by NEA include:

  1. Public employment services such as registering Kenyan employees, linking employees to employers, registering employers, etc.
  2. National internship Programme which involves developing internship policies, coordinating internships, monitoring internship programmes, etc.
  3. Registration of employment agencies which involves registering and regulating them
  4. Management of foreign employment by verifying jobs advertised abroad, promoting Kenyan labour migrants
  5. Conducting training for international jobs among many others.


www.neaims.go.ke Vacancies 2024 is your gateway to financial freedom in 2024. You can choose to work for Kenyan companies or move abroad to work with international companies. Additionally, NEA ensures that all the jobs you apply for are verified and trusted.

You can also enable your notification so that when jobs in your field are posted you’re also notified on time.

NEAIMS Contacts

If you have inquiries or reports to make about www.neaims.go.ke Vacancies 2024, contact them through the following contacts:

Tel: +254 (020) 861 0000

Toll-free: +254 (020) 800 2222 23

Email: info@nea.go.ke or dg.nea@nea.go.ke or neaimshelp@nea.go.ke

You can also visit their offices off Kasarani – Mwiki road in Nairobi. They operate on weekdays only from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the director of the National Employment Authority?

Mrs Edith Okoki is the director general of the National Employment Authority chaired by Mr Vincent Kigen.

How to start a job in Kenya?

Searching for jobs I Kenya is quite easy, create a resume, search for relevant jobs, send your application, and wait for the interview.

How do I upload NEA returns?

To upload your NEA returns, log into the NEA portal, use your username (KRA Pin) to log in, click on returns, and proceed to upload your NEA returns

What is the work of the National Employment Authority?

NEA`s primary job is to advertise job vacancies across various channels such as social media. It also organizes activity events that promote employment and counsel the unemployed.

How much does it cost to register a recruitment agency in Kenya?

When registering a local agency, you will have to part with Ksh 250,000 for licenses and other costs. On the other hand, you will pay up to Ksh 500,000 for international agencies.

How do I know if a recruitment agency is legal in Kenya?

To know whether a recruitment agency is registered and legal, you will have to search for its name in KLMIS (Kenya Labour Market Information System)

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