Zumo News – Is it Fake? Should you Register? – Find out now!

Recently, a news app namely Zumo News is creating a lot of buzz in Kenya. There are lots of news apps in our country but the Zumo news app claims to pay users.

Yes, Zumo news claims that it will pay people to just read the news on their platform. Well, that’s a very bold statement and one needs to understand the business model.

Zumo News – Fake or Legit


Here is what we know so far:

If you read on the website itself, it is written that the revenue generated is shared among the members.

This is new actually, I don’t recall any websites or platforms that work on this kind of business model.

Also, one more thing which is hard to understand is why is the company charging Ksh 1300 joining fees. So, to be a member of the Zumo news platform you need to pay. Without the payment, you won’t be able to make money on the platform.


How to earn money from Zumo News

Once you register and become a member, you can earn money in the following ways:

  • KShs.300 if the person referred by you joins the platform and activates the account. i.e. pay Ksh. 1300
  • KShs. 10 for reading every post
  • KShs. 50 for posting original content (will be paid after approval)
  • KShs. 10.00 for sharing every news

Zumo News Membership

You can read above how the Zumo news app claims to pay. All these benefits are given to the Zumo news members i.e. the people who have joined the platform.

Joining Zumo News is not free. To be an active member and enjoy earning more, you need to Pay Ksh 1300 as a joining fee. Once your account is activated, then only you are allowed to earn more by sharing your referral code, reading and sharing news and posting content.

Zumo News Registration Process

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the “Register” Link
  • Provide the asked details
  • Complete the signup process
  • Now head to your email account and look for an email by Zumo news
  • In order to activate your account you need to pay a joining fee of Kshs 1300
  • After the payment, your account will be activated

Is Zumo News Fake

In the past, a lot of scams have taken place in Kenya. I remember “Public Likes” which duped the public.

I won’t directly call Zumo News fake but it is surely Phishy.

If the business model is to share the revenue among users who create news, why can’t the joining fees be eliminated so that more and more people can join, write and share the news?

My Two Questions from the owners of the platform:

  1. Why are you charging joining fees?
  2. Why don’t you hire experienced writers and pay them to write for you?

Zumo News Testimonials

I tried to find actual testimonials to find the truth. While I tried to do so, I found a lot of referral links on social media.

Most of the people who gave positive reviews also shared their referral links which led me to the conclusion that the only motive behind such posts is to let more and more people join the platform using their referral link so that they can earn.

is zumo news fake

I also found some testimonials that clearly say that Zumo news is a fake platform

zumo news testimonials

I also found this good article explaining the truth behind Zumo News – https://cnyakundi.com/just-like-public-likes-zumo-news-cons-people/.


Considering past experiences, platforms like this are usually fake. So, I highly recommend that you guys double-check before registering. If you know anyone who is using this platform, ask them about their experiences before joining the platform.

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