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Dr. S.K. Macharia founded Citizen TV in 1990 under the Royal Media Services brand. It’s a private station that broadcasts its programs in English and Kiswahili. However, several TV and radio stations under Royal Media Services broadcast in vernacular languages. This article will shed light on Citizen TV Live and the programs aired during the live stream.

Citizen TV has audiences across east African countries such as Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda. It has a newer brand called Viusasa, an online paid service that enables users to access TV programs whether they’ve been aired, live or upcoming. This service has enabled the TV station to get a massive following because of its efficiency.

Citizen TV Live

The station has several interactive segments such as the Monday special, News Night, Daybreak, Jeff Koinange Live, Sunday Live, and many more. These segments are from Citizen TV Live and can be watched live on their website or YouTube channel. If you are interested in watching the in-depth news coverage, Citizen News Live will be your best choice. You can watch it live from your TV set or stream it on YouTube.

Jeff Koinange Live (JKL), which falls under Citizen News Live, is aired every Wednesday and is a controversial talk show hosted by the legendary Jeff Koinange. He worked for CNN for some time and was ranked as one of the most accomplished journalists in Africa. The show attracts millions of viewers as it invites guests to discuss and debate the prevailing political storms, making it one of the most extensive news programs in Kenya.

Citizen TV Live Stream

Citizen TV Live Stream offers a wide variety of programs, from children’s educational segments to dramas and soap operas; this live stream will keep you hooked to the screen for some hours. Citizen TV has an audience market share of 25%, the largest in Kenya.

Its growing popularity is due to the intense focus on airing local shows such as Sultana, Maria, Zora, Machachari, Mother-in-Law, Papa Shirandula, and many more exciting plays. In addition, the station airs soap operas right after the local shows, giving viewers a wide variety of entertainment selections. To be precise, the brand has over 7 million viewers per day, over 10 million radio listeners per day, and over 52 million social media followers every month.

The YouTube channel where you are likely to watch the live stream has over 3 million subscribers. This clearly shows that it has a huge following online.

Through interactive segments and local programs, Citizen TV has become one of the established brands in East Africa. As of today, many households tune in to these TV stations to get a source of entertainment. Apart from the interactive shows, the station has bagged several awards, like the most trusted station for credible news and favorite free-to-air TV. One thing I love about Citizen TV is that it lives up to expectations.

To watch shows on Viusasa, all you need to do is download the app from the play store, sign up, choose a monthly subscription of your choice, and you’re ready to go.

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